CD REVIEW: JunkYardFieldTrip Self-titled Album

Until JunkYardFieldTrip, I have never lent my ears to this eclectic style of music, primarily because I’ve never heard of it…at least until about an hour ago, if you know what I mean. If what I heard from JunkYardFieldTrip exemplifies what I should always expect to hear in reference to the eclectic genre, then I guess it’s safe to say that I am very intrigued… if not, awed. In other words, I have JunkYardFieldTrip to blame for my newfound appreciation of this genre. And can I just say that I appreciate the cryptic vibe of the genre? Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How can you appreciate the genre if you describe it as cryptic?” That’s easy; just give a listen to JunkYardFieldTrip’s self-titled album, that has just been released by The Spectra Music Group.

First thing’s first: JunkYardFieldTrip’s entire album is about holding on and (eventually) letting go. But, is that literally said? Not at all. That, right there, is exactly what I mean when I say that the eclectic genre is cryptic…well, at least, JunkYardFieldTrip’s album is. For example, many of their songs, including 2 AM, Blind, and Dusty Radio, focus on the area of love. However, that’s not overall clear. Matter of fact, these three songs focus on actually losing love and doing what you can to get it back…for good. Blind especially focuses on calling your own self out and taking responsibility for why the love you had is no more. Because of that part of the song’s meaning, Blind has strong potential to hit home for many people, especially those who are in the midst of an ugly divorce or a terrible breakup. Sometimes, people are not willing to look past their hurt and realize that maybe they’re part of the reason why their relationship or, perhaps, marriage has ended. If anything, it’s almost always the contagious case of “the blame game.”

One of their gentler songs, Mercy, focuses on being given a second chance…in other words, redemption. Now, I don’t know about other people, but the word “redemption” hits home for me for many reasons. Everyday, someone makes a mistake that could be detrimental to the people around them, whether that’d be physically or even mentally. Sometimes, forgiveness for that person may not always be applied. Matter of fact, it’s easier to pass judgment…as sad as that is. Basically, Mercy reminds us that everyone deserves a second chance and patience. Some people take longer than others to get it right. After all, none of us are the same…yet, we’re all humans…with feelings (and we have We’re All Here to thank for that kind reminder). This is just like the saying: “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

I’m telling you right now: if you’re not familiar with JunkYardFieldTrip, GET FAMILIAR WITH IT…LIKE NOW. This is literally the musical ecstasy you’ve been waiting for and honest to God, you won’t regret getting familiar with it. As a matter of fact, you’ll be thankful you did… much like I was.

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