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Jupiter in Velvet is back!

Jupiter in Velvet has been dominating indie rock’s eclectic underground for a few years now, but with the release of Beautiful New Day Jupiter touches on decidedly new, experimental territory that borders on generational innovation. There’s no denying that most critics have been expecting this caliber of a record from Jupiter in Velvet for the last year, and longtime fans of the one man rock n’ roll juggernaut will be very pleased with the results of his studious labor. It’s unquestionably one of the eccentrically wild contributions to the western pop songbook in the latter half of the 2010s, but more importantly it introduces audiences to a Jupiter in Velvet who is prepared to join the hierarchy of rock royalty.

All of the songs on Beautiful New Day flow with a progressiveness that is akin to some of the 1990s most successful alternative rock pieces, but without all of the pomp and bombast that comes with making a full blown concept album. There’s an angular quality to the transition between tracks like “Heavy Like a Brick” and its counterpart “Can’t Get It Right,” but not once does the listener feel like they’re listening to an overly ambitious avant-garde record. There’s just enough left field charisma here to maintain Jupiter in Velvet’s sterling rep in indie circles while remaining a worthy purchase for casual music fans as well.

For anyone looking for evidence of Jupiter’s tremendous creative growth, “Spare Me” should satisfy any question as to whether or not his sound is going in a different direction, fast. In a twisted cocktail of post-punk surrealism and stealthy pop poise, “Spare Me” weaves innocent vocals into a violent song structure that throttles the audience into Jupiter’s world of chaos and discord and perfectly captures the essence of his tenacious approach to songwriting. If you’re able to keep from headbanging to this one, you’ve got more discipline than I.

“Metanoia” is another fine example of Jupiter in Velvet’s newly appointed sleekness, starting off with a glistening, 80’s inspired percussion that invites listeners to come ever so close to the amplifiers and embrace every sonic nuance being dispatched with excellent care. The eloquence of Jupiter’s voice in this song reminds me specifically of Pete Droge, and I don’t think I’ve ever witness the timber of his cords so exquisitely produced. If the right people hear this song, there’s no doubting that it will be dominating college radio airwaves come Halloween.

All signs are pointing to Jupiter in Velvet being one of the biggest names in the next decade of pop/rock, and his detractors should start getting nervous about judging him so soon. It’s clear that he’s been saving up his good stuff for this moment in history, to right the course of rock n’ roll and save the established order of pop music from self-destruction (which is something that we can all be grateful for). He has my vote of confidence, and once you listen to Beautiful New Day, I’m sure he’ll have yours as well.

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by Lori Reynolds

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