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Can you talk to us more about your song “One Mile Away” – 

One Mile Away – This song came to be because I wanted to flip things around in my life. It’s a break up song that’s supposed to help people take things with a grain of salt (like a lot of material on MISFIT EP) I was always the one who’d be too emotional and care about being in relationship more than it turned out to be necessary. 1MA is about random one-night stands, about being cocky and not giving a flying f%#* anymore. “I’m doing just fine and I don’t need” that’s what it all comes down to. The song is a fast-paced electronic rockabilly with elements of punk.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

“Inspired” after hooking up with a chick in the back alley of a club, true story from an after hours haha.

What is the meaning behind the video of the track?

 In One Mile Away main protagonist, little Alex, is participating in local talent show. Unconfident and shy he tries to put on his best performance of a song. Alex simply hopes to get people to like him.

The set up for the talent show is something we’ve all experienced in our lives before, you get proud parents, nerdy teacher, an annoying elderly couple, a milf, a big guy and even a hot-dog stand (why the hell not? it’s lit).

During Alex’s performance, nobody in the audience seem to give a f*%@ and, even worse, a fight breaks out between an old gentleman and another member of the audience.

With the show being ruined, Alex accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious tray in the bathroom. In spite of his curious nature the main hero decides to give its content a try.

The result surpasses all Alex’s expectations, or does it?

In this video during first pre-chorus (I want your love), THC is unconfident while performing in front of the audience and nobody is paying attention. In the end of the song the things change and now people want main hero’s love after THC’s transformation. It reminds me of my very first performance ever, I think it was in kinder garden, when I was super nervous and everything that could go wrong about my show went wrong (I accidentally deleted the intro to the song, which was on tape, and I was supposed to sing along to it, and since I deleted the intro, while trying to copy the tape, I had to kinda guess where it starts, and so I wait for this long pause after we pressed play, and I start the opening line of a song and there’s silence, the music isn’t playing and everyone is looking at me like “wtf”….I’ll never forget that hahaha)

The single comes off your new album Misfits -what is the story behind the title?

It’s okay to be flawed….I kinda always was an outcast and didn’t quite fit in. Before that was an issue and really has had a huge impact on my confidence. People say things like “live in the moment” and alike…and it’s a completely weird and foreign concept to me, for my entire life things never go as planned, there’s never stability, there’s just chaos. Every one keeps telling you what you should do and have their opinions, but what if you genuinely can’t relate? You’re not supposed to change anything about it, outcasts are the new heroes. My sound is quite distorted and harsh because it reflects how I feel and how I live. I want The Hate Club to be a place for outcasts that they can call home. For people that don’t know how and where they fit in I would love for them to realize they’re not alone in that frustration. The Hate Club puts misfits on the pedestal.

How was the recording and writing process?

Very vivid… This EP was written within 2 – 3 months after Space Born EP and finished a year later (Spring 2018) after I did a DIY tour in Cali and Midwest. I clearly remember a point when I was writing a lot of material and I noticed that my sound started shifting and I started using new production techniques and darker sound (in comparison to Space Born EP).

I was still really, really, really, pissed off, frustrated and hurt, confused and wanted to get back with that girl while writing this, this is why a lot of the songs talk about pushing someone away and then there’s a beam of hope…it’s all quite bitter in a way. I wrote everything in my apartment, recorded and engineered, too. I would typically put my headphones on, and listen to songs over and over again walking around my living room while drinking wine and smoking cigarettes and obliviously cursing at the chick that dumped me. It was a really strong emotion.

What role does Ukraine play in your writing?

This is such a dope question! In Ukraine we have all those folklore songs, they’re typically very prolonged, low, moody and at the same time super freaking epic. They feel really cinematic, and I often think about this….That’s one of those experiences and memories that will never go away. You can mainly hear those songs performed by national choirs or in the countryside. I actually want to use those melodies more, it’s hard to explain….this is all relates to the sonic qualities of my songs (my songs don’t sound really similar but it’s a huge inspiration and influence).

Right now Eastern European music scene is really blowing up, it lacks the exposure and there’s also language barrier that’s preventing for it to hit big. However, I’ve been listening to a lot of upcoming Ukrainian bands like Poshlaya Molli that are just so rawwww, I honestly don’t even know of an artist in the West that I would be so hooked on right now. It’s really new and fresh.

What aspect of Punk Rock did you get to explore on this record?

There are several elements that are punk about MISFIT and The Hate Club….First thing everyone is going to say, – “It doesn’t sound punk, blah blah blah” and all similar crap. MISFIT is punk because it is so adventurous sonically, It’s really scary for me, often times when I think about THC fitting a certain market, genre or trend… because it simply doesn’t fit anything. I call it alternative electronic or hybrid electronic / punk. All my music is produced in-the-box and I rarely record anything live except for vocals, yet I’m only satisfied with it when the sound is really harsh and confrontational and delivers all that energy. I’m not really vibing with most of the “chill stuff” out there….all that “playlist friendly” music is not my thing. First and foremost The Hate Club is a killer LIVE act, and I want people to crazy during the shows – which I think something that punk people used to do. There are certain elements of rock…my main instrument is guitar and that’s where idea for wearable  Ableton Push comes in. It’s supposed to replace the guitar and open the world to electronic sounds, yet it all gotta have this band stage presence. I wanna merge the worlds of electronic and live in a new format. There are a bunch of bands that the digital thing but most of them are behind the keys, or pads resting on stands and it’s not as epic, I think. I want to trash gear on stage and run around, WHILE playing all the cool digital stuff, ya know?

And there’s also actual The Hate Club persona – I think is pretty punk, haha. Including all the songs that I have which I think are like anthems for misfits.

To summarize, what’s punk about what I do is the sound, performance and attitude.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

 I think of lyrics as these really vibrant and aggressive brush strokes on canvas. I started writing and singing 2 years, all this time I was a guitarist and a producer. At some point I just needed to take the next step because I wanted to have enough courage to speak about how I feel, even if it’s ambiguous. Like for most people most of the songs came from real life experiences and the need to spill it out. I think of stage as a confession booth, but it’s a public confession booth. There’s one song that i wrote last year (called “Fire”) after reading Orwell’s 1984, I was so impressed by the book that I had to put it to words, such a crazy novel.

Any plans to hit the road?

100%!!! Playing live for THC is super important because that’s when people can really experience the performance and emotion. I love it so much!! I did a couple of DIY tours in the US, and I’m always on the look out for any cool shows I can get, whether destroying a house party or a venue haha. Right now I’m working on taking my live set to the next level, I’m going to get a drummer for live shows and it’s killa, man.

What else is happening next in The Hate Club’s World?

A LOT! 3rd EP is being written right now! Pulling together my alternative electronic podcasts, new music videos, looking into booking shows for 2019…I’m currently exploring a new format for an EP, that I’m still not super sure that I’m ready for, I can get it done but I think it should be released after my 3rd EP. MISFIT EP marks the end of The Hate Club I (consists of Space Born EP and MISFIT EP) and I’m onto The Hate Club II and looking for new emotions, experience and writing something significant for the world, something I can proudly look back at.

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