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Showtek & MOTi’s “Down Easy” Sounds Fabulous In Remixes

Showtek & MOTi hit big this summer with their anthem “Down Easy,” which saw the pair collaborate on vocals with Starley and none other than global superstar, former Fugee, writer, producer, musician and all-round talented man Wyclef Jean. Not content with the  original track making all the right noises, it was ripe for some remixes and that is what is delivered right here. “Down Easy” gets two brand new edits and uptempo club mix for good measure: remixes come from LA based producer Henry Fong and Dutch production duo Zonderling.

Both offer their own unique take on Showtek & MOTi’s original, staying true to its formula and utilising the top-lines and hook from its featured artists, while fashioning something new. The club mix is certainly worth checking out too.

The “Down Easy” remixes are out now on Universal Music Germany – check them out here.  

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