Doctor P’s “Tetris” Has A New Remix

The producer SUB-human – also known as F.K.A Trumpdisco, has just released a bootleg of his remix for Doctor P. Based out of Melbourne, he has been making sounds for Circus Records over the past year, and now shows off his “Tetris” free download.

If you loved the original (and let’s face it, any bass fan worth their salt does), you will be on board with this 2018 re-lick. SUB-human says of its gnarly origins: “I read ‘Ready Player One’ leading up to the film being released and had a big hit of arcade game nostalgia. What better way to get my fix than adding a new touch on the big man’s classic ‘Tetris’? I’ve been having great fun chucking this in my sets lately and the crowd reaction has been immense!”

Listen to it below.

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