New Jersey based singer-songwriter, Matt Tanner just released cinematic visuals for his award- winning hit single “Josephine.” The video showcases the multilayered complex love story through some thoughtful visuals, accompanied by the lyrics of the song. Tanner’s music is a combination of country, rock and blues, which makes his creations suitable for various audiences, and not just country fans.

The tragic story of “Josephine” is the result of Tanner’s crafty wordplay, and ultimately highlights his impressive storytelling skills. There’s no doubt that the artist is a mastermind and knows exactly how to create a memorable experience for his audience. The sad story of “Josephine” is a reminder that not every successful song needs to have the brightest story. Sometimes life takes different turns, and these real life events create the most iconic songs of all time.

Check out the video for “Josephine” down below, and follow Matt Tanner on Instagram.


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