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SINGLE REVIEW: Like A Cat by Nadia Kazmi

As a music journalist, you develop the skills to place musicians into very specific genre-boxes; and yet, I am finding myself having a difficult time knowing which one I should be placing Brooklyn-based songstress, Nadia Kazmi, into. Dark/Punk/Alt/Indie/Rock/Folk, is that a genre? Well, pick one of those, or two, and mash them together; either way you will end up with a fitting definition of Nadia Kazmi’s unique style of song writing.

Currently shining a light on her lead single “Like a Cat” off her newest album titled Gold Into Dust, Nadia Kazmi has truly embraced a reflective position when crafting the songs that make up this interesting eleven track album.

Like a Cat is a unique juxtaposition of song writing prowess. The music, sonically speaking, is very optimistic sounding, and yet, the lyrics confront the heavy reality of a struggling musician trying to pay rent in New York City; living nocturnally, with the overwhelming feeling of being lost in the daily grind of an artist trying to stay afloat; it’s an almost happy/sad song, and it just works.

Nadia Kazmi doesn’t shy away from showing the many colors of her musical influences; from Bowie to Stevie Nicks to Patti Smith to Florence and the Machine, and more, Nadia Kazmi never once steals from any of them, but instead, respectfully takes only a few musical cues.

Although Gold Into Dust has many single-worthy tracks on it, there is something very unique and personal about the song “Like a Cat”, perhaps, it just feels like a real window into the soul of the talented Nadia Kazmi.

This is the part where I usually sum of the type of listeners who should take a listen to an artists songs, but as I mentioned before; it is too hard to place Nadia Kazmi into a specific style of music, and for that reason, I think that if you are looking for something new to add to your playlist, then take a listen to what Nadia Kazmi has offered up with her new single.


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