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Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Candy Love”?

Well, We are SUPER Excited because we found out that “Candy Love” was just featured on Ellen Degeneres Website ELLENTUBE.   This song is our anthem for everything about LOVE!   Love has NO boundaries.. Neither does this song!  IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!!

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

We were digging through some of our vinyls – inside our collection ( we have become Avid Vinyl Collectors), and we came across this amazing record “Melodies of Love” by an obscure, amazing 80s Group – Pink Rhythm.  We instantly knew what to do with this vibe, and sound as soon as we heard it!

We then took it to the studio with our producer “Nick Fury”, and everything was literally flowing like Electricity! All we remember, is that this creative studio session, when “Candy Love” came to be… the energy was so HIGH and Uplifting – We felt shocks of electricity.  The words and melodies just poured out of us like rivers of CANDY flowing.  

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Shooting with our director Mike of IAMEYEPHOTOS is always such a Fun, Great Vibe and High energy time.  His directing style blends very well, perfectly with our colorful sounds and vibe. We discussed the treatment and ideas –  The video was filmed entirely on Green screen…  It was up to us, to get in full WHOAA Mode, Costumes and all… Find some cool characters to add in ! the ALIEN, WHITE RABBIT, JIMI HENDRIX and others.  Then Mike – made the magic happen in edit, where he fully immersed us into a 16 bit – world. 

How was the recording and writing process?

Once Again, electric !!  This record was one of the fastest records we’ve written.  IT flowed right out of us…  We knew that LOVE was the theme. However, we wanted to create this vibe that was reminiscent of NU SHOOZ , one of our favorite 80s groups, mixed with songs that had these really “feel good” Funky vibes. We always wanted to make songs about Candy.. there were so many great gongs about CANDY.  To name them exactly – “CANDY” by CAMEO,  “Genius of Love” by TOM TOM CLUB, “Attack of the Name Game” by STACY LATITSAW.  We were listening to these records while creating and inspiring this song.  Recording & writing is usually the smoother part for us.  However, the searching for that perfect “mix” of this record and many of our records.. can be quite the task.  This song has been 2 years in the making…. We have literally been searching for the perfect song “mix” before releasing this baby into the world.  It was finally time.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

YES!!!   We are gearing up to release follow up singles and music videos.  We are in the final mixing and mastering stages of our 1st Full length LP !    In addition, we recently release an EP titled “Broke Hearts Avenue” that we love dearly! and we also released music videos for each song on the EP!  This music and prior projects are in line with our Story.  Our first Project “The Day Before…” and our upcoming LP “The Day It All Changed”.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

“The Day It All Changed…”  March 2019 Tentatively.

Any plans to hit the road?

YES!!  We look forward to touring in support of our singles “No One” & “Candy Love”  and Are open and available for future bookings.

What else is happening next in WHOAA’s world?

Look forward to WHOAATV launching really soon on our Instagram & Youtube , MORE MUSIC, MORE VIDEOS… and MORE #WHOAAWAVES !!!  We are JUST GETTING STARTED !

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