Does Your Choice Of Colour Reflect Your Mood? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

The varied choice of color in the day to day life of people reflects a lot about their character and also their mood. It is psychologically proven that the color choice of a person has a lot to do with the daily mood the person is possessing. The varied colors have different aspects which become a factor of affinity to the person. Color is a significant part of our daily lives. Everything in the universe has a defined color that it has. Without color, the world would become a rather dull place to live in. color helps us in a variety of ways, and it also represents a lot of things. The study of psychology is a tricky one. Every mind is different, and their thought processes also vary. The colors have their weight in the daily life picture of all persons.

The Mood that the Primary Colors Signify

Colors reflect a lot about the person. Choice of color of the person can round about determine the mood and character and the intent of a person. Color choice of a person on a daily basis can be judged mostly by the color of clothing of the person. Different colors define varied moods and intent of the person that particular day. People purchase multicolored things daily from big shops, apps, sites and brands like metro online shopping. There are major colors that are primarily explained here. Below are a few major colors that represent varied moods on a daily basis.

  1. Black – the black color represents power, elegance, fear, strength and authority. It also signifies the evil and unhappiness dormant in a person. It can portray a negative intent as well as a dominating side in the person. In the western countries, black signifies death and mourning. Black may also symbolize sexy and sophistication. Black is one such color that has a wide variety of meanings that are equally negative as well as positive.


  2. White – white generally represents the calm, serene and peace in a person. It is a bold sign of sophistication. White symbolizes purity and innocence in a person. It generally has a positive vibe and gives a certain charisma to the object. White always brings about the factor of cleanliness and purity in anything.


  3. Red – this is a bold color that represents passion. The red color is a symbol of passionate feelings. It can also be related to seduction and pride. It was considered the color representation of blood and fire and the color is a majestic one. The color red can also mean war and domination. On the brighter side red is relative to love, affection and passion.


  4. Blue – this lovely color signifies intelligence, faith, truth and confidence. The color blue like white can be associated with purity from time to time. Blue is a stable color that is associated with tranquility, sincerity and intellect. Since the color blue is a robust significance of confidence and intelligence, it is a smart choice for interview clothing. The blue color is a masculine color and looks elegant of men. The understanding and softness of nature are represented by the color blue.


  5. Green – green represents the color of nature and also symbolizes freshness. A new start can be symbolic to green. Fertility, environment and safety are the brighter emotions and moods that the color represents. Healing and restfulness are also aspects of the color green. However, green can also indicate evil, greed, envy and jealousy. Dark green can also mean ambition.


  6. Yellow – yellow is a bright and happy color and represents the sunlight and life. It indicates an energetic mood and happiness in a person. This is an attention-grabbing color and has a connection with food and hunger. The cheerful and bright side of yellow is pretty much predominant. Yellow can, however, be related to cowardice and lack of bravery. Due to the pleasant and happy stigma of the color yellow, it is often associated with children products.


  7. Purple – this is a color with the aspects of both blue and red. It signifies the stability of blue and the passion and energy of the color red. Purple symbolizes the factors of intellect, wealth and harmony in a person. It also highlights the uniqueness of a person. Wealth is also often signified by the color violet. It can also be considered fake and artificial as it is a rare color in nature.


  8. Brown – the color brown signifies the qualities of reliability, strength and faith. It is a symbol of the ground and also indicates humility. The color at times can represent wholesomeness, simplicity and humble nature. The color brown is a dull color that usually symbolizes the aspects of reliability, faith, belief and trust in human life.

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  10. Orange – orange has the happy aspects of yellow and the passionate as well as the energy of red. It is a bright color that also signifies uniqueness. It can often be relative to freshness and nature. The color orange increases the oxygen supply in the brain. Orange can also produce a feeling of distrust and deceit. Often the color can signify the aspects of domination and aggression as well as anger.


  1. Pink – this is a sweet and cherishing color that is associated with sweetness, immaturity, love, affection, innocence, approachability, calmness and friendship. It is a girl dominated color and is mostly loved by the younger girls. This sweet and charming color can also indicate the factors of aggression, passion and love of the red color. The color pink represents playfulness and tenderness.


These various colors represent the mentioned varied emotions and mood patterns. There are other colors as well that that express different emotion of a person. For instance, the color grey signifies dullness and also on a contrary sophistication. It can be deduced that on a daily basis the color choice of a person can reflect the mood and emotions of the person.

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