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Best Bars in Williamsburg, NYC

If you have ever been to Brooklyn, then you probably know about Williamsburg. This neighborhood is famous for its hip and young locals who have lots of creative energy. For this reason, Williamsburg is home to quite a number of hangout spots. Whether you are looking for quiet hangouts or lively bars with karaoke machines, Williamsburg has it all.

Here are the top bars that you need to check out while in this neighborhood:


This is the ideal cocktail bar as it offers a mix of classic and creative drinks for any thirsty person. Dram has a specially crafted cocktail menu that draws in the fussy imbiber and has great bartenders who are the selling point of the bar. Their ever-changing menu has many great food choices; for spontaneity, you should opt for Dram’s recommendation system.

The educational drinking system at Dram is irresistible to locals who lounge on the couches that line the wood-sheathed interior. If you are a tourist, you should head to this lovely bar to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

The Gibson

Located between McCarren Park and Berry, this bar gives you a welcoming aura that makes you feel at home right away. With an elite craft beer and whiskey menu, The Gibson is a nice getaway for groups of friends looking for a fun night and individuals who want a quick drink.

If you want a quiet hangout, this bar is the ideal place because it is mostly quiet and often has an eclectic soundtrack that will not overwhelm your conversations. With classic cocktails, ample seating, and more than 14 beers on tap, The Gibson succeeds at being an unpretentious and welcoming neighborhood bar.

Loosie Rouge

If you cannot already tell by its name, the Loosie Rouge has a very interesting vibe. Locals love this cozy spot and consider it one of the best bars in Williamsburg. What sets this bar apart from the rest, aside from the excellent food and drinks, is the aesthetic. Thanks to the wood-stacked fireplace, low ceilings, and coffee table adjacent to the door, this place feels more like a home than a bar.

If you visit this bar on certain weeknights, you will find the bartender and his friends conversing in French. This might transport you to a Parisian loft in New Orleans.

Maison Premiere

Because the atmosphere of most American bars can get stale, you should visit this bar if you want to get Parisian café vibes. With a vast absinthe menu, indoor seating, over thirty types of oyster on the daily menu, and outdoor seating, you will not find a better bar in Brooklyn. If the amazing ambience brings you to this beautiful bar, you will definitely stay for the great drinks and food.

This bar has a maitre d’ whose work is to seat the patrons and give them menus. Although the real person watching occurs upfront, you can get a seat inside if you want to see the oyster shuckers working.

Skinny Dennis

This bar has some live music that makes it quite different from other places. As a self-proclaimed country bar and honky tonk, this location provides New Yorkers with a unique southern experience. The Skinny Dennis bar has a welcoming vibe that will make you happy, thanks to the selection of delicious craft beers and specialty drinks.

With a Willy Nelson painting hanging between shelves of bourbon, this dive bar channels Nashville during the 70s. The peanut shells on the floor and jukebox dispensing groovy tunes add to the interesting vibe at Skinny Dennis.

Union Pool

This tucked away spot is located in a previous pool supply outlet, making it one of the unique locations in Williamsburg. With a large backyard space, the Union Pool is a great place to enjoy your beer while outdoors. Although their daily drinks are enticing, the main draw of Union Pool is the taco truck located in the backyard.

People flock to this tin-walled bar and sit in half-moon booths to get a sip of their favorite beers. As bands play music on the stage, the patrons can enjoy their drinks in peace.

Sort of Wine Bar

This oddly named bar has several enticing options which include a happy hour, organic wines, and imported cheeses. If you want to learn a thing or two about fine wine, you should speak to the owners of Sort of Wine Bar. Whether you are flying solo or with a group of friends, you will have fun at this location.

This bar has an assortment of great food and organic wines. The French bartenders at Sort of Wine Bar are also very friendly and they know their wines.

Spuyten Duyvil

This is one of the best bars in Williamsburg, thanks to its untouchable microbrew menu. With obscure and rare beers from the world over in bottles and on tap, you should head to this bar if you are hoping to find a new drink. Whether you think that you are an amateur or aficionado, you should explore the extensive menu at Spuyten Duyvil.

No other bar in Williamsburg pays homage to Belgian beer like this bar. Beer geeks from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Manhattan make the trip for a stunning selection of microbrews.

The Commodore

Locals have lovingly dubbed this location a gastrodive because of its wide selection of salty food and strong drinks. The bites found at The Commodore are not like the ordinary ones that you find at most bars.  Their kitchen produces crackly fried chicken, super soft biscuits, and crispy snacks that make for excellent complements.

The Commodore feels like your usual dive bar but without the sticky floor and daytime drinkers. If you are a foodie, you should not examine the food at this bar too closely because it is mostly fried food and the ingredients are repeated.

When choosing a bar to visit in Williamsburg, New York, you will have an array from which you can choose. You should visit them all and sample the drinks yourself.

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