SINGLE REVIEW: HER by Young Saint Nick and Victor Ardene

Two Newmarket, Ontario natives, Young Saint Nick and Victor Ardene, are making their mark with a succession of releases early in their career and are set to reach a new level with their new single release “HER”. One doesn’t necessarily associate the Canadian landscape with producing new important hip hop talents, but the genre isn’t limited by borders and Nick and Ardene have been pursuing their ambitions in this vein since their teen years. You can hear a vivid glimpse of their skills in the song’s chorus, most particularly, and the experienced hands handle the transitions between verses equally well. The chorus, however, is a surprisingly extended pop influenced hip hop chorus highlighted by the powerful synth lines that fire with creative flair throughout the entirety of the tune. It makes for gripping listening and each component of the song shows young artists excelling in the best possible production light.

Ardene played an important role in helping Nick find his measure as a vocalist and you can hear that effect in every second of the song. The production highlights Nick’s ability to effortlessly glide through both the track’s verses and choruses, but it keeps things balanced with an equally powerful musical attack that pops with the percussion and synthesizer attack working in lockstep with one another.  The song relies heavily on its chorus, but that’s a plus, and the construction driving this track forward has every necessary part – it even ends quite conclusively with a final refrain that underscores everything that’s come before. Ardene gives some good backing vocals over to the track that helps fatten the delivery and drives home the creative rhyming even deeper.

There’s no question that Young Saint Nick deserves all of the critical plaudits he’s received for his writing. There’s lean economy in the way Nick approaches the words with no wasted words and this approach to lyrical content makes for a particularly effective blend. You can’t help but like the personality he projects despite the song, essentially, being about lusting after women. However, he never puts it in a crude way and there’s even some humor added for good measure that makes the tune even more appeaing.

Young Saint Nick and Victor Ardene met each other at a crucial point in their lives and it’s resulting in a potentially legendary collaboration with the potential to break on a global scale.  As mentioned earlier, Ardene’s production skills are essential for framing this tune in the best possible way, a reflection of his top ranking class status during his college studies. It’s never too inert, thankfully, and instead “HER” bounce brightly along to a note perfect conclusion. Their rise from a first mixtape has been meteoritic and shows no signs of slowing.

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by Clay Burton

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