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A Storyboard Helps in Creating a Perfect Business Video

The World Wide Web has immense potential for marketers to market their product or services. The evolving technology led to an era of the smartphone and leaving behind print advertisements; video marketing has gained significant momentum. Creating a small video for businesses, posting it online, marketing it and making it viral is the new marketing trend. Every business out there is looking to add a video in their portfolio.

However, when you are making a video, whether it is a demo video, sales video or a training video, planning the execution of video right from the start is extremely important to make it a success. Creating a storyboard is the most important aspect of planning a video. Creating a storyboard is different from visualizing a video script and for that, you need a reputed firm like Famous Frames having 30 years of experience to create storyboards, shooting boards, comp art, illustration and full-service cinematic, animatic & board-music production.

From Sketches to Previsualization of Videos

Storyboard plays an important role in unfolding the representation of video frame-by-frame. Creating a storyboard is a creative process consisting of squares having illustration or pictures that represent each shot in the video. More often these squares with sketches like doodles contain notes, describing each frame and sometimes even the dialogues are noted down. In short, it is a comic book version of your video.

Some Hollywood’s biggies like Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, George Lukas, and Christopher Nolan are few of many directors prefer having a storyboard prepared frame by frame, shot by shot in the form of hand drawing or sketches.

Why Do You Need Storyboards?

If you feel creating a storyboard is a futile step in the process of making a business video, then you should think twice because you might regret not having a storyboard prepared after shooting the video. Here are three major reason why a storyboard is essential in planning a video creation

  1. Previsualization of End Product: Words often fail to share the emotions or the concept behind the video. On the contrary, a storyboard makes it easier to communicate your ideas and explain your idea behind the video to others.

  2. Eases the Stress on Production: A detailed storyboard serves as a production plan, which is utilized to align shots, prepare sets, understand camera angles, lights, scripts, and ideate the visuals. As storyboard already communicates the message in a crisp and clear manner, the coverage planned accordingly. Eventually, no shot is forgotten, no scenes are compromised, and the video is pieced together matching your exact vision.

  3. Saves Time: Agreed that creating a storyboard is a time-consuming process, but revisions, iterations, and modifications in the process of creation avoid making revisions at the production stage. Not only it will make things go smoothly but will also ensure a flawless and crisp business video meeting your precise expectations.

Prefer Professionals to Create a Storyboard

Creating a storyboard is like giving birth to an idea and where birth is involved don’t neglect the labor pains. The artist who creates the storyboard has to work on refining the feel, look, and meaning of the script, which is painstaking and a creative job. Remember without a crisp storyboard it is hard to present your creative business idea in its true form. Therefore, it is advised to prefer a professional firm or outsource storyboard creati0n to a reputed framing firm that can efficiently work on your idea ensuring the final product is a replica of your thoughts.

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