Interview with Gemma Karlsen, a Different Kind of Danish Actress

As we have heard time and again from legendary figures in the entertainment industry, acting is a craft, one that can test a person’s patience, but one that will reward those who dedicate their lives to it. And this pretty well describes our featured artist: Gemma Karlsen.

Her background includes extensive work in traditional theater (a common thread among some of the greatest actors of the 20th-century) as well as work with artists such as Martin Buch and Peter Gansler. She’s since moved to Los Angeles and broken onto the scene, always looking to the next exciting project.

Below you’ll find our conversation with gemma Karlsen, where she opens up about getting her start, sources of inspiration, and what she gives to a role to help make it real. 

Do you have any stories from childhood about how you first became interested in acting and music?

Yes, I remember many incidences! But one very vividly: I was on a school trip to see a popular play in Denmark called ‘Ronja Røverdatter.’ I remember being so amazed by the play and the acting, and that was when I first really became interested in the theatre. I remember I wanted to be on stage and do what they did! Since then I have been in love with film and theatre.

What is one of the biggest lessons you learned from your training?

To open up my own emotional life, accessing my feelings and using them for roles.

Denmark has a strong history of innovation in the world of film. Did this influence your upbringing or your feelings about acting?

Yes it’s not hard to be proud! I watched a lot of great television.

Which of your acting projects was the most enjoyable and why?

Wow it’s hard to choose! I love them all and they all bring me a unique experience, but Madelane where I played a very complex character, that I really loved playing! ‘Bet365’ was also fun because we skied, drove a snowmobile and had a lot of fun.

Do you enjoy the collaborative aspect of working on a film set or with a theater company?

Yes I have a huge teamwork gene and I really enjoy working with others, which is also good to have as an actress.

Describe a role or type of role that you have wanted to play for a long time.

I would like to play many different roles! But an action movie and a period movie/tv series where I can use my horseback riding skills would be amazing.

Do people have a positive reaction when you tell them you are a professional actress?

Yes they actually are always very interested in hearing about my life as actress because it’s rare to be a professional actress in Denmark.

Do you have any heroes in the world of acting? Why do you admire them?

Oh yes, many! Amy adams, Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain to name a few. I really admire the films they choose to be a part of and also their dedication to the craft. I hope to have a similar career.

What projects will you be working on over the next year or two?

Uhh a few, but I can’t say anything yet.

by Giorgio Chang

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