Leave it up to Nashville to produce yet another instant classic; and this time we are treated to the sincere and catchy new single “A heartbreak In the making” by song-writing titan, Randall Lee Richards.

This is not your typical love song. It sounds exactly like the sort of song you would expect to hear at a wedding; the sort of song that a couple in love would choose to dance their first dance to, and then in come the lyrics that speak of the danger more than the possibility. A heartbreak in the making is a sweet warning of the dangerous of love, and why it is worth taking the chance.

Capturing the true heart of what Country/Rock song writing is all about, Randall’s new single is an authentic and sincere approach making music. It tells a story with deep emotions woven through the well-thought out lyrics, and Randall Lee Richards vocals are always on point.

This is not surprising if you know anything about Randall’s colorful history in the music world, his real approach to the song writing process, and his natural ear to make a song sing even when he isn’t.

A heartbreak in the making comes hot off the heels of Randall’s 2017 hit A Paradise Life, which landed on many charts and radio stations; and no doubt, A heartbreak in the making is aimed for even higher heights. This time around, Randall has decided to create an almost-anti ballad of a song, and it really works to create an interesting atmosphere that showcases Randall’s natural ability to create music with true diversity.

If comparisons can be made, and they will be, then Randall’s great music can be likened to musical greats such as Thomas Rhett and Sam Hunt. If you are looking for your next favorite Country/Rock song, then look no further than what Randall Lee Richards has offered up with A heartbreak in the making.

Listen to A Heartbreak In The Making HERE!

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