The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Music Essay

You truly don’t have to be a music expert in order to write a good music essay. No matter the reason why you need to write it, there are many ways for you to learn the basics about your topic and transfer them to paper in your own words without much trouble.

The good thing is that there are some tips and tricks you can use in order to make sure that you get a good grade. Writing about music is somewhat similar to writing about anything else. All you need is to follow some trustworthy steps in order to make it work. Here are some tips to help you out.

Identify the topic of your essay

Just like with any other type of essay, the very first thing you should do is make sure that you know exactly what you are intending to write for. Whether you are writing for a famous musician, the history of an instrument or a critique for any musical performance, you will need to make sure that you understand the topic and you are able to clearly state your position in your essay.

The very first thing you should do in order to overcome this issue it to talk to your professor and to make sure that they agree with the topic you have chosen as well as the direction you are intending to take it. Your professor is the number one person who can give you the right guidelines on how you should approach the subject and how you should format your paper.

After you have gathered all the basic things regarding the type of the essay, the main topic and your personal opinion and writing direction you will be following, you are ready to pass on to the next subject which is starting to do the research for your main topic.

Do proper research

Depending on the topic of your essay, you will have to do different kinds of research. Apart from incorporating details and information you have gathered from your class, you will probably need to add additional information which you can only find in certain sources both online and offline.

The best place you can look for information online which is both reliable and scientifically evaluated is Google Scholar. Almost every student around the world uses this platform in order to find what they are looking for as it offers information on every niche imaginable.

On top of that, you can also find useful information on Highbeam and Questia. Despite how useful the internet is when it comes to finding information, there is nothing that can beat the huge selection of books that a local or academic library can provide. Pull out as much information as you need in order to make your paper convincing and accurate and you are bound to get that good grade you are hoping for.

Make sure your essay is free of mistakes

While a music essay might seem like something that doesn’t need as much editing as other academic papers, the truth is that this is still a paper which will help you get a good grade and also teach you some useful things about a topic you might not know a lot about.

The best thing you can do here is to make sure that your essay; apart from being well-researched, it is also free of mistakes and edited to fit the needs of the subject and the professor you are presenting it to. An online tool like Citatior can help you cite the right sources for your essay and help you

Even if you’re not the best at editing and proofreading your papers, there are many ways for you to get this work done without a lot of effort. You can use tools such as HotEssayService and SupremeDissertations in order to make sure that you avoid any simple mistakes in your paper. All these tools are recommended by GetGoodGrade, one of the most professional and well-known essay writing services on the internet.

Sometimes, you might also need another person, preferably a professional writer, to go through your paper one last time before you hand it in or present it in front of your class. RewardedEssays and FlashEssay can help you make sure that your essay is ready to be presented.

Additionally, if you would like to have something translated in another language that is not your native one, you can use IsAccurate in order to find the right translation service which will best fit your needs.

Read it out loud

Once you finally finish your essay, there is one last and final step you should not forget; reading it out loud. If this is a subject you are not really familiar with, this tactic will help you get more familiar with what you wrote and you will be able to present it a lot more naturally to your professor and the rest of your class.

On top of that, you will also be able to spot any last minute mistakes you might have made. You can also check and see if there are any people or instruments you have mentioned which you are not really familiar with and you can do some research on them in order to be prepared in case you case any questions on them.

Writing a music essay the right way

While there are many ways to write an essay based on the type of essay it is, you should keep in mind that while music essays can be a lot more fun that the regular ones, the require a good amount of research as well. Whether this is what you study or it is an optional subject through which you can earn a better grade, you can follow these simple tips in order to create a great outcome.

Music essays must contain clear writing and they should be based on technical information which has to come from reliable sources. In any case you shouldn’t forget to state your opinion clearly and give your essay a personal touch.


Pauline Farris is a professional Translator with a Masters in Translation Studies. As a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, she has been working in translations for over eight years for big translation companies. She currently also works as an editor for RatedByStudents and TopWritersReview where she helps people make their best out of their essays.

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