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PREMIERE: Iridesce Release New Music Video For ‘Elysium’

Kicking our premiere week, we got the always exciting Iridesce who has return with their visually stunning, conceptual video for their latest single “Elysium.” The video captures the essence of the song, especially the 90s vibe the band has come to be known for.

Iridesce are an emerging alternative rock band from Camden Town, London consisting of Marco Spaeth (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard), James Doig (Lead Guitar), Thomas Guizzetti (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Vincent Lafont (Drums, Percussion). The four members, stemming from all across the globe, first came together as students in February of 2018, but have already taken the emerging music scene by storm, from selling out Chalk Farm’s Camden Assembly, to winning a national UK radio competition for Absolute Radio, and opening the mainstage at the Shiiine On Festival. Iridesce’s music takes the heart and soul of 90s songwriting and pairs it with modern, lush atmospherics and driving grooves, creating an anthemic sound rich in powerful thematic undertones.

In addition, we sit with the band to talk about their new song, the video and more!

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi, we’re really good – thanks for helping us premiere ‘Elysium’!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Elysium”?

Elysium has always been an important song for us, it feels like it completes a certain sound and group of songs we’ve grown through over the last year, so it’s very exciting to get it out there and have people see that. It’s definitely the heaviest our music’s gotten, sonically, so we felt we really needed to deliver something unique with the video – hopefully we’ve achieved that.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Well, part of the reason as to why its so special to us is because a song’s never introduced itself to our band in the way this one did. We were in the studio one night, and and this synth/piano riff emerged; it cast such a spell that the song just spilled out but only until about halfway. For months it had this completely different second section, with some weird tempo acceleration idea, and it just wasn’t working. It was the first time a song gave us trouble – usually they just fall out completely formed or not at all. But we knew that the beginning had something special about it. The real moment happened one night when Marco was aimlessly revisiting songs he’d written back when he was 14, and realised that the first song that had ever come through, called ‘Elysium’, was in the same key as the beginning of this new song; so that’s where the entire outro crescendo section stemmed from. Playing the one idea straight into the other just made sense of both and everything clicked, and suddenly Elysium was born.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Tiring haha. But equally as rewarding and exciting. It’s just so amazing when ideas that were floating around for months on end finally come to fruition in a room, and suddenly the whole spectacle and set are laid out right there in front of you; and if you’re lucky that feeling continues all the way through to the performance, editing room and hopefully then to the audience. Part of the reason we wanted to take the video in the direction we did was because we’d never done or seen anything like it before, and weren’t actually sure if we could pull it off. In our short time as a band, the moments we’ve always been most proud of and fulfilled by were the ones where we’d just barely reached what we’d set out to do, through a real struggle and sometimes even just blind luck – it releases that survival instinct that’s so essential to doing something that’s never been done before, or at the very least, something you’ve never done before. As ‘out there’ as it is, we just knew it’s what it needed to be to best convey the song – we can’t wait to see what people will make of it.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording of it was quite tedious as well; we had to stop and start over again at several points just because the performances weren’t coming out right. Eventually we hit on the right drum take and bass part, and that gave us the perfect base to build upon. Everything else snowballed from there pretty quickly, but it was still a challenge to get the three main sections of the song to each stand out but flow together as seamlessly as possible.

How The Smiths and Coldplay has influence your music?

Both of those bands, amongst many others, have been really instrumental to the four of us actually coming together and believing that we could have our say as songwriters, as a band; they taught us that you didn’t need to be extraordinary musicians to make extraordinary music. Along with all the things you could say about music nowadays, and how the industry has panned out / what that means for bands, one thing we’ve always felt really fortunate about is having so much of music history to look back on, and draw from, both in terms of creative inspiration and of what being in a band should mean, why it’s such a precious thing to look after if you’re lucky enough to find it. Even more recently, bands like The 1975 or Twenty-One Pilots inspire us to preserve the friendship we’ve built through music, and to always hold our songs to the highest standards – they need to be good enough to validate why we exist, both as a band of musicians, but also as a gang of people.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

There’s a lot of new material, absolutely. We’re in the studio right now working on the next thing – we haven’t got a set date in mind just yet but if Elysium feels like the end of a certain chapter in our band’s life, we’re nearly done writing the next one.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We’ve got some titles floating around, but nothing set in stone . It will be pushing our sound in a different direction, so we’re really excited about that – the songs seem to really be flowing out of us at the moment, so we’re just trying to get that all down!

Any plans to hit the road?

Absolutely. We’re currently in the very early planning stages of our first UK tour for late 2018, so we’re really looking forward to performing the show at cities across the country. As much as we love the writing and recording, live is where we feel we’ve always belonged. Our music just seems to make more sense on stage than on record. The other thing we’ve decided to start doing is these small, very stripped down surprise acoustic shows around london, giving the audience maybe an hour or two of notice. We’ll probably take that around the UK too when we hit the road.

What else is happening next in Iridesce’s world?

Well, this next year is really when everything counts – it’s all or nothing. We’re so hungry to improve and learn more about the industry and how to exist within it without a compromise to our integrity as a group and as songwriters. Above all we want to get to know our fans as much as possible – we still can’t believe it when people write to us, comment or speak to us after shows and say the lovely things they do. It’s the most wonderful thing, and we’ll be doing everything to nurture and value that as much as possible through our music.

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