How Music Helps To Make Games More Immersive

In recent years, the gaming world has come on leaps and bounds in terms of technology and as more and more players take to the markets, these technologies are helping to transform how they are played. One such development has been the inclusion of music as a standard feature in most games. The inclusion, or even the omission, of music within games can transform the experience completely regardless of whether the gamer is in a multiplayer world, or playing online casino games. Music or lack thereof can make an experience much more immersive and here, we’re taking a deeper look into just how it does exactly that.

What Do We Mean By Immersive?

Being immersed in a game is something that most gamers will have experienced on a regular basis. It’s the sensation of losing touch with the outside world and becoming fully invested in the artificial creation in front of you for the duration in which you are playing. Virtual Reality has crafted a much more immersive experience for gamers in that sense, but before an Oculus Rift or PS VR were available at our fingertips, music was ultimately the way in which developers had to craft their games to create this sensation.

How Does Music Draw A Gamer In?

The use of music in a video game can impact the overall experience of any game. Whether it’s a fast-paced action experience or a simple game of slots, the use of adaptive music can help to compliment the action on screen and craft a certain feeling or sensation associated with what is being viewed. Fast beats during moments of even faster action can create a sense of urgency, and slow, deep notes can create tension in thrilling moments. However, beyond simply matching the game in front of them, music can have a much more beneficial effect.

Video games are two-dimensional and for gamers looking to truly immerse in the experience as though they were within the game themselves, they need a little something more to provide exactly that. Music is often the answer – by adding music, a game developer can better create a sense of real physical space. By surrounding the player with sounds, you can craft a much more three-dimensional image and help essentially block out the ‘real’ world around them.

Pop Culture

The utilisation of pop culture and famous branding in the games we play can often craft a sense of immersion or even the blurring of reality and fiction in some cases. From ‘spoof’ brands like ‘Sprunk’ from Grand Theft Auto and ‘Nuka Cola’ from Fallout, to themes and familiar theme tunes in online casino games an even ‘special edition’ versions of apps like Disney’s edition of Crossy Road, using pop culture images and music is another way to help create a sense of immersion for gamers. The familiarity alone can help make the transition between true life and these digital worlds much smoother, thus crafting an easier immersion sensation.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has taken the gaming world as we know it and shaken it up considerably. For gamers who crave the immersive experience, the use of music and sound in an already immersive experience can further their immersion considerably. It takes them from immersion that could be easily broken, to a much deeper experience that offers a new and exciting way of playing. Through the use of spatial audio to craft a sense of dimension to the objects in the game, to Ambisonic audio that envelopes the player in a soundtrack, creating a 3D audio experience can perfectly complement the situation. In fact, utilising ‘points of audio’ can help push the immersion further, by changing what is heard as the player moves their head.

Audio within gaming is undeniably an incredible tool for developers looking to craft an enriching and immersive experience. From the use of pop culture soundtracks to help ease the transition into a game, to utilising music to create a 3D effect, sound and music within gaming can be undeniably powerful.

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