AV Sunshine releases Time Bomb remixes

EDM doesn’t often get the credit that it deserves for being as intellectually stimulating as it really can be. Take some of the greatest albums in rock or pop music that you’ve ever heard and strip them down to their bare bones and what do you find? A lot of white noise strung together against consistent percussion to create melody and a beat that will capture our attention and hold it for at least a couple of minutes before inevitably releasing us back into the wild. We spend a lot of time analyzing records from every genre under the sun, but when it comes to anything under the umbrella of the electronica genre, we usually overlook it as just techno-charged dribble. AV Super Sunshine wants to change that.

“Time Bomb” Album Mix: https://www.starfleetmusic.com/record_pool/index.php/featured/52-vip-featured-artist/4274-av-super-sunshine-time-bomb

In his new remixes of the song “Time Bomb,” AV takes his trademark classic rock stylization and pushes it to the very edge of sanity, creating a cyclone of audiological destruction that is certain to ignite passion both on and off the dance floor this summer and beyond. Modified for both the club and radio formats, “Time Bomb” as a club track really shouldn’t be dismissed as just a soundtrack for a night of drinking and debauchery under neon city lights. What AV has constructed for us here is much more of a tour de force than what any of his competitors have had the guts to produce in nearly a decade, and it’s quite simply a delightful experience to consume in a single sitting whether chilling at home on the couch or tearing up the town with a group of friends.

“Time Bomb” Club Mix: https://soundcloud.com/av-super-sunshine/time-bomb-club-mix

AV Super Sunshine likes to give us a glimpse into the depths of his soul with all of his music, but in this scenario I feel like he’s giving us a sneak peek into the future of pop music, more specifically what it will look and sound like in the very near future. Electronica is penetrating the spectrum of every facet within pop music and it won’t be long before songs like this are a lot more mainstream than anything that employs standard instrumentation. It’s an ever growing world, and our palates are growing along with the planet itself.

This summer I really don’t think you’re going to be able to find a song that is catchier or more melodically rousing than the club mix of “Time Bomb,” and I would encourage anyone who really enjoys innovative music to give it a listen and see what they think for themselves. I like to believe that as time has gone by since the dawn of the recording age our collective interest in music that lives and breathes left of the dial has matured and come to encompass a wider variety of tones and concepts than what could have been possible in the past. The success of artists like AV Super Sunshine goes a long way to support my theory, and although I don’t consider myself a vein person, in this case I couldn’t be happier to be correct.

REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/AVSuperSunshine

by Lori Reynolds

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