THE SURVIVAL CODE are preparing for the eagerly anticipated release of their sophomore album, Hopelessness Of People, which arrives on Friday 31st August, through Good Deeds Music Ltd. The asked the band to give us an exclusive insight to the tracks behind the album. For more on The Survival Code, check out-

“Same skin – The guitar work makes this song one of the more exciting to play, it’s constantly moving throughout. This track was the reason we decided to encompass live backing tracks as the intro wrote itself in the studio. All the guitars and vocals lines had been written we just needed something extra. The ending came together like a charm where it the two engineers and I all getting carried away with suggestions to try this and that harmony/vocal line. As soon as we heard it we knew all elements were meant to be there, so the plan began to evolve to what we have now.

Crawl – This song is our next single, it’s strong, with a plunging intro that leads to a steady beating verse that’s flat out. The bridge is one of the more fun and complicated parts of our set as the pattern never stops but the. Jacks need to be clear and strong throughout, can be a head melt at times. The chorus is catchy and has a beautiful hanging pedal note buried in the background which really lifts it every time. The song it about all the little annoying things that sometimes overwhelm a picture but in reality, when it goes your way that once every so often, it really really is the best! One step forward one hundred back.

Take it as it is – We are a massive fan of this track as it’s honest, has a catchy/punky guitar line and is on the lighter side of what we do. It may yet be a single as we get better and better at playing it, it’s one of those songs we never feel the need to sell, it speaks for itself and the dynamic shifts make it hard to leave off the set.

Anything goes these days – This is a rawer side to The Survival Code, edgier and angrier. The guitar intro is a little 90’s but we try to set up the verses which are punctuated with rhythm, that builds nicely to a groovy bridge and free flow full on chorus. It’s a passionate song about not taking your share/ what you’ve been given, but always asking for more or at very least ensuring you are heard. The lead is the perfect ending to this song, it’s aggressive, sharp and telling, playing it live makes my skin tingle with glee every time, feel bigger than the house.

Along the way – This is a great track, it’s a steady banger with lots of smart sections and lyrics. It’s kind of a dark song in many ways but we like to have a darker story in the foreground set in a positive surrounding. The riff roars from the off and you don’t really get a relent throughout. It’s about life and how inevitably you leave as you came, but no matter what the journey we’d almost everyone of us do it all again.

Self medicate – This song is one of the more poignant in the album and definitely takes a leaf out of the Along the way’s book in how dark it actually is. The music sits in almost opposition to the message and point of the lyrics and that is what made the song so special. Everyone has their crosses to bare, coffins to fill and too for the most part a collection of vices. I love how this song ends on such a dark note having been so bright throughout.

Not working – This was the first single released off the new album. We loved how the song starts quietly and breaks into the groove. We wanted to take our time in the verses, not be rushed and panicked as we often are so we decided on the rhythm and we pretty much stick to it. The melody meanders in a lovely way over that very thick backing and the end guitar/drum parts have a heavier feel to the rest but bookend it nicely.

This time around – From the moment this song starts it feels different, no intro, no messing. Words aren’t overused here as it’s more about the groove on drums and a slowly building guitar underneath an airy vocal then boom! The chorus comes in with such a contrast and energy and then it’s gone, back to the original feel. This song is a crescendo, it builds to the end on those lines with a massive lead in the middle that plays with timings ever so slightly but adds to the impact all the same. It’s also the second song we had with quite a lot of backing vocals that felt very important to the overall feel. After we decided to go down this route with Same skin it became easier to decide thereafter which songs “needed” the depth of extra parts and which were better on their own two feet.

Too late – This is a groovy track, great bass and guitars to introduce it followed by a verse filled with texture that builds nicely to bridge that misleads you and creates a vacuum before slapping the chorus back in your face. The song takes a slightly different direction after the second chorus with a lead but is a great track to drive, dance or drink to.

Next step – This song takes no prisoners, it’s very confident and from the screeching intro attacks your senses. These brash choruses are interspersed riffing guitars delicately and actively attacking the strings before a soft bridge and a blistering chorus. We love how the chorus comes in both times! It’s so powerful. My favorite part of the song is the lead, it’s sincere, moving and has two distinct sections. The first is more about feel and expression and the second is when it comes down the fret board and becomes a little more bluesy, it’s such a moment.

Integrity – This is another stand out track for us as it was one of the first songs written to the album that stuck around in a similar manner to how it was once presented. Integrity is defined by its strong intro and guitars feel, grooving with the drums to create something you can’t but tap your head to. The message behind the song is fairly self-explanatory – integrity is not what it used to be, in whichever guise you see it or relate. This is another track who’s lead blows us away almost every time, offering the perfect life and the perfect time.

Goodbye – Appropriately named. This song is unique for us as it had three subtle time changes in parts of the song as it moves. We did this as it never felt right recording the differing parts at a uniform speed, never seemed to allow the parts breathe sufficiently. The song’s structure is also a little different in that once we play the second chorus we kind of depart all previous parts of the song to a new feel that keeps developing. Another interesting thing came about in the lead after that chorus. There is a section with 4 different guitar parts one after another, but the previous ones build as the new ones come together, figuring out how to create the live tracks from this was challenging and a lot of fun.”

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