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SINGLE REVIEW: Talk Is Cheap by Kanisha K

The latest single release “Talk is Cheap” from Holland, Michigan native Kanisha K. She’s come an extraordinarily long way since her debut track “Oh Damn Yeah”, written and produced by Joe Vulpis, first catapulted her into public notice and her newest effort co-written with songwriter Jane Bach, “Talk is Cheap”, builds on the impressive success she’s enjoyed since relocating to Nashville to capitalize on her first single. K’s established fans will hear the recognizable elements of her style in full force once again and sat spellbound by her continued growth as an emotive singer. This is distinctly modern music, but it never means the performance is facile and the song panders for listeners; far from it. Instead, Kanisha K has found an ideal musical vehicle to communicate her heart and passion to the widest possible audience and has the sharp instincts to work with some of the most talented collaborators in the art.

The emotional impact of Kanisha K’s voice seems to deepen with each new release. There’s an unhappy message at the heart of this song, but Kanisha K has a take charge approach to tackling this song and it sounds like a freeing, rather than brooding, experience. Vocalists who pour everything of themselves into a performance are far from unheard of, but rarer is the singer who regularly does so without ever sacrificing the increasing nuance she brings to her performances. Naturally, she hits all of her expected marks, particularly during the fiery chorus, but it’s how she gets there that makes this a special outing for her. The perfectly modulated rise and fall of her singing never errs; note how seamlessly she transitions from the verses into the chorus and the band crackles with inspiration behind her.

There’s an assortment of string instruments powering the arrangement, but the standout elements are spot on drumming and evocative lead guitar work. Guitarists are often a notoriously self-indulgent lot, but there’s none of that with “Talk is Cheap” and the lead work is clearly geared towards serving the song. The supporting acoustic guitar work underlying the electric gives “Talk is Cheap” a fatter sound and the banjo added to the piece strengthens its rootsy credentials. There’s some post-production work applied to the music, but never in a gaudy or overwrought away, and the heft of the musical arrangement never weighs down the performance. Instead, “Talk is Cheap” surges with confidence from the first and leaves no listener behind.

It’s another outstanding single from a Michigan native that’s come a long way from her days singing in a choir. She’s on the cusp of being a genuine pop star, but she’s getting there on her terms rather than cutting corners and trying to be as commercial as possible. Instead, “Talk is Cheap” comes off as a performance cut from the marrow of her own life and she invests a level of commitment into making it work that’s all her own.




by Michael Rand

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