Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Shine A Little Light On Your Own Mind”?

SALLOYOM came out of an acoustic song Ola had laying around for a long time, he really liked it and wanted to do something with it but hadn’t been able to find the right home for it. When we’d finished the first DNDR song and were super excited to get going with the next one I suggested we could try using it as a base, Ludwig dug the idea and we put it into a realm I’d never even thought of. I think on this song more than the others we actually created most of the structure, production and melodies while in the same room, which was something I think both of us really appreciated. Being able to enjoy the moment when someone comes up with something great is a pretty awesome feeling.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

It wasn’t inspired by a specific event really but more just the feeling that we want life to be about and the feeling we want our music to be invoking. The song kind of just came from the energy we felt creating and writing in the same room. The song musically has a pretty feelgood vibe so it made sense that the lyrics would take the same route. The lyrics are about opening up and letting go, looking in and letting out. It is also about trying not to carry around someone else’s weight and not taking things too seriously, creating problems where there aren’t any. That and love, always love. 🙂

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes, ideally we’ll release music videos for all the upcoming songs, but for now the focus has been on getting the music ready. We have super talented friends who are working in that field that are very excited to help out so the plan is to start shooting some stuff in September when we’re both in Los Angeles.

How was the recording and writing process?

It’s been freaking awesome haha. For this first EP, a lot of the focus has been on establishing our own sound. It typically starts with one of Ola’s acoustic ideas, then I will create a production based off of that. Pull it into the electronic domain, making it into something a little more danceable/synthy. After working remote, bouncing back ideas, Ola will come to my studio. Then we will develop the song together. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that it’s been an amazing creative process. We’ve both let a bunch of walls down, and the fear of sharing simple ideas or things that aren’t done yet has completely dissolved. Putting that fear aside has allowed us to create this EP so fast and without a lot of roadblocks. When the song is about 80% done Ola records the final vocals with his setup at his house and then sends it back over to me. I work on the final tweaks and the mix before we send it over for final mix and mastering.

What role does Sweden play in your music?

We’ve both lived the majority of our lives in Sweden and as the music is some sort of an extension of ourselves it will naturally play a big role in it. In terms of the actual sound I’m sure there’s something Swedish that subconsciously shapes it, but I think we’re more influenced by certain time eras than anything else.

How do you balance all your influences together?

We have quite different backgrounds where Ola comes from indie rock and playing the drums and I’ve mostly been making 80’s inspired stuff messing with synths, so initially I think we were both curious to see how that merge would sound; however, we’ve always come together in melodies and then somehow the rest has just fallen into place by itself. The fact that the balancing hasn’t felt much like balancing but just very natural is what I think made this process so fun and straightforward.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album – and how’s that coming along?

Yes, you absolutely can. We don’t have a date set for it but you can expect at least six songs to be out in the fall.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, as soon as we aren’t 11 hours away from each other the plan is to get out there and start playing shows.

What else is happening next in DNDR’s world?

Ola just pierced his nose and I can finally grow a mustache. On the music side we’re working on new songs every week. It’s been so much fun and inspiring so we just want to keep that going. Like we said previously we will obviously put a lot of focus on music videos and all that but we’re constantly bouncing new song ideas back and forth so the songwriting process is constant.

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