How escape rooms leverage on music and sounds?

A form of entertainment that has gained a lot of popularity recently includes locking a group of people in a room full of puzzles, where they have to solve different riddles and problems in order to find an escape. This game, called ‘the escape room’ has become very popular in the UK too as different ones are continuously opening up in new locations. Escape rooms can assume different themes, like a prison cell or an old haunted apartment. All the puzzles and riddles within the game usually fit the theme and create a full experience. There are various factors that make these games entertaining. Sound and music are a few of the most important aspects of the experience as they help shape the general atmosphere.

At first, when these games emerged, a lot more attention was paid to the puzzles and the game logic. Then, as players got accustomed to this novelty, they started demanding a fuller emotional experience, so game developers had to incorporate higher quality props and pay more attention to the design of the set. Another extremely important feature they added to the experience was the sound. When players want an emotional experience, it is important to allow them to feel the atmosphere and the theme through various senses. Visual effects are taken care of by the props and the design, but auditory stimulus needs to be provided as well.

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Soundtracks create a more enjoyable atmosphere

One way the developers employ sound in their games is by having a soundtrack play in the background throughout the game. The music, if chosen right, can increase the tension and the feeling of the theme the game centers around. An escape room set in a ‘haunted asylum’ will be a lot more enjoyable if it has a corresponding spooky music in the background.

In-game sound effects add realism to the overall experience

One of the most important things people are looking for in these games is realism. Of course, everyone understands that at the end of the day they are paying for the experience and as soon as their time is up, they will go back to the world unscathed. Nevertheless, in that moment, it is important for the players to feel like their safety is actually in danger and whatever’s happening around them is real. One way to achieve this is by using in-game sound effects. These could be sounds that follow the animate actions around them. The effect of a simple door opening can be made so much more entertaining with an accompanying cracking sound.

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