CD REVIEW: Stargazer by Yam Haus

Following up into previous statements made about the times we are living in, not politically or socially but musically – there’s a way every artist approach the same themes and influences. There are a few that manage to capture the entire essence of a decade or very specific moment in music history, while others get to be a bit more shallow. The results can go from obvious to surprising, with those you were expecting to fall into the oblivion, find the way to stand out and those made for bigger things, well, just disappearing all the sudden and viceversa.

Stargazer by Yam Haus is one of those albums that keeps us in suspense when it goes to the statement above, as it basically can go either ways. With a sound that reminds to Walk The Moon, OneRepublic and Train – one group has pretty much find success and in a blink of an eye, just vanished, while the others have reinvent and remain relevant throughout the years. The album captures that great blend of Alternative with synthpop that made big splash back in the early 00’s and first decade of the new millennium. Every song is as catchy as it can be, vocals by Lars Pruitt are on point and fits the music so well. At first, the album feels a bit repetitive, but as we progress the band takes some chances and play with a few arrangements here and there.

However, the only negative thing they have on them, is the fact that all that great talent is in danger of getting lose in the sea of similar music that floods the industry today and has been doing for a while. While the whole production value is professional and so great for a group of their size and years, it also sounds like many others. And in an industry where you need to either stand out from the crowd or be damn lucky, we can only cross our fingers.


Criteria - 85%


Total Score

In the end, Stargazer by Yam Haus definitely worth your time listening, especially if you are really into mainstream and radio rock music. There’s a big chance you will dig and fell in love with the music in it, definitely not a waste of time. However, on the creative side, hopefully they don’t get stuck and pull out some unexpected tricks down their sleeves.

User Rating: 4.38 ( 2 votes)

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