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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey VENTS! We’re good thanks! It’s awesome to be back in action, and great to be talking to ya!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “All Drunks on Deck!”?

Of course! “All Drunks On Deck!” is the first single taken from our forthcoming, debut full-length, Swashbuckle & Swagger! It’s a fast-paced, rock-out, drinking and adventure song about a ragged band of pirates discussing their wild theories around what could possibly have happened to the rum they were drinking last night!

One of the very first tunes we wrote was called ‘#bringtherum’, and it was the point in the set where we’d break out the bottle of rum from the treasure chest and dive into the crowd to pour rum down everyone’s throats!

While we still love the song, it’s not aged brilliantly and it doesn’t get played live much these days, so we needed an upgraded rum-drinking song, because we have zero intention of dropping the rum from the show. This was it!

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Hahaha, this song was written after we played at a cider festival. We woke up in the morning and found out a silly amount of the booze had gone. Everyone started blaming each other and coming up with crazy ideas about where it had gone, and the only thing we were all certain of was that someone had taken it! Then a friend who had been much more sober turned up, and revealed that they had videos of us all sitting around the fire finishing it off together. No-one could remember, but it had been us all along!

Any plans to release a music video for the single?

The phenomenally talented Lewis from Red Tusk Productions put together a cracking animated lyric video for us! It’s well worth a watch, and features all of our wild rum-theft theories coming to life as we pursue a stray barrel across the seven seas! Check it out!

The single comes off your new album Swashbuckle and Swagger – what’s the story behind the title?

Our last EP Goin’ Down A Storm featured a tune called Lure Of The Sea, that features the lyrics ‘A sharpened dagger, swashbuckle and swagger’, and it just seemed to sum us up really well, as well as having a nice ring to it.

Swashbuckle is just a straight up brilliant piratical word, with connotations of wild adventures, and we always try and bring some serious swagger and showmanship to our gigs!

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing just took forever because we all have a lot going on and could never find the time to get together and write new material. Eventually we just had to down tools and say we weren’t going to book any more gigs in until the album was done, because whenever we were able to find time to get together, we always had something coming up we needed to run through the set for, and never got any new songs down.

The recording process, by contrast, was incredible fun, and over far too quickly! We locked ourselves in the Plymouth Music Collective Studio with the legendary Andrew ‘Doc’ Collins, and smashed the whole thing out in about three days! Luckily we’d decided to book a cheap Airbnb within walking distance of the studio, because we recorded back in February smack in the middle of the winter storms! It was brilliant though – stomping through the snow to the cosy studio before heading back to the house for some junk food and beers in the evening! On the last day, The Captain and Johnny D stayed behind to lay down the last few tweaks to their parts, just as the week-long snowstorm was reaching its peak. They ended up spending hours inching back to our hometown in the darkness down dangerous, winding roads, through a maze of abandoned cars and lorries, during a blizzard! Worth it!

What role does Cornwall play in your music?

Cornwall’s a phenomenal place to live, and it’s impossible not to get creative inspiration from the majesty of the sea as you wander the Duchy’s coastal paths! Obviously Cornwall’s piratical history is a big influence on us, and we take a great deal of pride in our Celtic roots as well!

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Our songs cover a suprisingly broad range of subject matter! A lot of them, like The Crew, focus on traditional hardcore lyrical themes, like friendship and unity. Others delve into real-life piratical events – some from the past, like Dead Man’s Dance, and others from present times, like Reckless Alice or Somalian Pirates Suck. Some of them are straight up, just-for-fun ones though! All Drunks On Deck! certainly falls into that category!

Any plans to hit the road?

Hell yes! We’ve been down below deck working on the album we can’t wait to get gigging again! The album’s out on October 26th, and we’ll be launching it with a big party down our way! Then, after that, we’re hoping to put together a string of weekenders and get out across the country! Plans are to do the broader South West towards the end of this year, the South and South East early next year, and then get ourselves on a jaunt up North later in 2019. Always keen to hear from promoters!

We’ve also got our sights set on a triumphant return to the festival scene next year! We’ve played numerous awesome music festivals, including Boardmasters, Leopallooza, and 3Chords, and the festival environment just suits us down to the ground! We like to get out in the campsites meeting people and making new friends, then we bring everyone together to blow the roof off of wherever we’re playing! If you’re looking for festival bands we guarantee a good time, so give us a shout!

What else is happening next in Pirate Copy’s world?

The lyric video for All Drunks On Deck! is out now, and we’re following it up dreckly with a full video for Reckless Alice – a song based on events in Torquay a few years ago when a local woman stole a ferry and declared herself a pirate, before crashing and wrecking everything in sight! Then the full album, Swashbuckle & Swagger is unleashed on October 26th with a launch party here in Cornwall!

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