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A Freshman Girl’s Guide to College Dating

Out of your high school life, into college life. As a freshman beauty, you’ll most certainly get attention from the college boys. How will you handle the glaring admiration and obvious flirtatious comments? When it comes to the dating game in college, you’ll gradually get the experience and learn plenty of stuff on dating. To begin with, we have compiled a list of things you need for college dating. Did you even imagine there was such a science behind college guys? Maybe they are just after you for sex? Could be! But there is more to it. Below are some tips prepared by essay4us.com on how to deal with the guys possessing a variety of motives. Have a blast with them, girls!

Mingle and make friends with the guys on your floor: These are probably the guys you will know first. It will be super cool and fun to hang out and know each. On top of it all, you will be this awesome girl who can blend in and be great to hang out with when you need a break from girlish theatrics.

Take it slow: Don’t feel the pressure to rush into anything. You may be tempted to start dating after a few days of school, but that’s a bad idea! Always remember that you’ll face him in addition to the others on the floor. Yes! It will spread like a fire in the bush because boys also gossip.

Give them the benefit of the doubt: The fact that he is quiet in class and mingles less doesn’t in any way mean he’s nuts. Slowly take the time to initiate a conversation

Go out and meet people: You will only draw interest from the guys if you make yourself visible. Know the best night out joints and turn up every once in a while. This will get you exposed to all types of guys: geeks, athletes, business and art students; you name it! Remember, it’s once in a while and not always. Be mysterious in a way. By not going out every single night, the guys will miss you.

Take advantage of your classes: Attending classes will show you their level of seriousness and commitment. It will illuminate the smart and organized dudes in class. How about getting one as a study partner? It’s a simple way to start dating. Having those ‘quiet’ moments in the library and taking your eyes off the books to chitchat while whispering could be very intimate.

You are either interested or not: Do not stick with him because he offers perks that perhaps other guys can’t offer. If you are not into him, make it clear. Keeping him around if you are not interested may later evoke negative emotions when the truth finally comes out. It may even spoil your other potential relationships.

If you do random hookups, play it safe: Such hookups are part and parcel of the college lifestyle. Taking every guy on his proposal or invitation may make you look scandalous. However, you can play it safe and have fun. Do not go overboard by kissing or making out with every guy you lay your eyes on. Additionally, if you attend parties through random hookups, keep your friends in the loop by letting them know your whereabouts.

Say yes to invitations from upperclassmen: Being approached by a fourth-year student is definitely a plus in any freshman’s journal. They are more mature and experienced concerning the college life. It will not only give you the bragging rights, but it will also allow you to attend the parties that you would have never known were happening. He’ll surely introduce you to his friends and tag you in his pictures on social media like Instagram and Facebook. However, be careful about dating him simply because he’s older. He may just turn out to be a dummy.

Avoid too much attachment to said upperclassmen: Being older in college, he’s probably graduating in a few months, and he may not be looking for something long-term. He may be chasing you for the thrill—which will be temporary, and not for the rest of the semester.

Take time to give it to him! Simply, you should not be pressured to have sex. That is not to say that all the guys are after sex, but it’s undeniably a part of college dating. Some will want it and even ask for it. If you are uneasy and not ready, don’t give in. Set boundaries and ask him to respect them. If he persists in getting it, walk away.

Finding a boyfriend takes time: You are not the only freshman girl on the block. There are other cuties who attend the same class as you, go to the same parties and get attention from the upperclassmen. It’s not a gold rush though. It’s about finding your perfect ‘gem’… the one that’s interested in having the same type of relationship as you. Explore before you decide on whom to date.

Start a relationship if you find that special guy: It may take you time to find him. In fact, there is no specific time of finding that someone special. Start by being friends and get to know each other. It could be by sharing personal experiences or stories to enable both of you to be comfortable around each other. When you feel it’s right, go for it.

Students move on fast in college: You may hook up for just a short time, like a number of days or months—still, it will be considered a hookup. A guy will have the hots for you today only to find him pouring his heart out to another beautiful girl two days later. That’s normal so don’t go crazy or be melodramatic about it. Alternatively, take your time to figure out his intentions before hooking up. At least you will know what to expect.

In conclusion, college offers you the opportunity to date, but you should be prudent enough to take things slowly. Be firm and question the guys’ motives while letting your intentions known from the outset. He’s definitely out there; sitting next to you in class, glancing at you in the library or from a different college. You may not find him immediately, but you will find him one day. Just be prepared to kiss a few frogs first before you find your prince.

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