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MEZKO is back!

Australia-based musicians and singer-songwriters Kat Harley & Laura Bailey make up the duo MEZKO. With their musical outfit, the duo takes their various influences and creates music based around those elements. Because of that, the music created by Harley & Bailey contains a lot of different elements in it. Whether you are a fan of Alternative Rock, New Wave, Punk or Industrial Acid-House, the band’s music combines all of these influences and even more to create a Pop-Rock sound that is easy to get up and dance to while being rather radio-friendly. Having already released some music in the past, the duo has recently released a new three-song EP they have called SYZYGY.

SYZYGY from MEZKO begins with the track “You in Me”. The song begins with the driving feel of drums, bass and guitar that combine to create a rather dark, almost goth-like industrial feel to the music. That musical combination gives the song a steady, somewhat harsh feel that adds to the dark approach of the music. However, when the keyboards on the track come in, the dark, emotional feel of the music is lightened slightly, softening the dark effect in the music if only a little bit. The vocals on the track are delivered in a deliberately slow but steady manner, which adds back in a little of the darkness that had been lost with the inclusion of the keyboards. The resulting track with the musical combination puts the track within the time period between the late seventies and early nineties when New Wave, Industrial and Alternative were blending together.

With the next track of “Come and Go,” MEZKO moves more into the feel of New Wave music with a trace of Industrial. With less of the dark feel that had been included in the previous track and more of an upbeat feel that comes from New Wave, what results is a track that feels very much like the style of music that would have come from the band Soft Cell, a New Wave band from back in the eighties who came from England that, much like MEZKO, also consisted of two band members. For “Come and Go,” imagine the feel of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” but with a little more Industrial feel to the music. And like with the previous track of “You in Me,” the song of “Come and Go” has a strong groove in the music but this track has a stronger groove to it with an even stronger dance feel to it.

The final of the three tracks that make up the SYZYGY release from MEZKO is the song “They Like. We Like.” While the previous tracks feature some actual instruments like drums and guitars, the duo of Kat Harley & Laura Bailey let their keyboards do most of the work on this track. That keyboard-based approach to the music adds to the Industrial/Goth feel that is found on the track. With the inclusion of lyrics such as “They like coke but We like acid,” those lyrics add an even stronger feel to the darkness on the track that gives the song the Industrial/Goth approach. For fans of the Industrial style of music, this track will not disappoint. And for people who are looking for something more than just the feel you get from  Industrial/Goth music, the track’s music comes with a rhythm that makes the song almost danceable.

At only three songs, the SYZYGY EP from MEZKO is rather short . And while it does contain only three tracks, the songs that have been included are all strong and can stand on their own. The energy that runs through all three tracks on the release keeps the music of the EP upbeat. For those who enjoy a darker feel to their music while still looking for that energetic delivery in the music, look no further than the SYZYGY release from MEZKO.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/7Hu678XHpP0zyOFXf397E

by Matheson Kamin

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