Conceptz Drops New Single

Benny Blanco is a guest on the latest Conceptz single “Splash” and it’s a sign of the growing esteem directed Conceptz’s way that a Grammy winning multi-talent like Blanco wants to work alongside this duo. The brothers Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix are New York natives, but their music isn’t bound to any particular region or school. Instead, Conceptz emerged from the first as an act with its own distinctive voice yet fully in command of what a great hip hop song needs to linger in listener’s memory. It’s the latest in a string of successful singles for the duo, but their vision of Conceptz’s potential is much bigger than the traditional write, record, release treadmill; instead, they are pushing their music is more than just the sphere of chart success and sales, but also aiming to place their songs with brand names and other media productions. “Splash” definitely reinforces they possess the talent for such sweeping ambition and brings them one step closer to their goal.

They’ve crafted a to the point, but equally creative, video for the song. If you aren’t convinced of their ambitions and how serious they are, the video for “Splash” should convince you thanks to the five star production treatment they give the song and the duo come off like genuine stars thanks to their cool, assertive performances. They spread the vocals around and the different voices never compete but, instead, complement each other and the backing track. There’s unity emerging from this tune that makes this one of the more entertaining hip hop tracks you’ve heard in quite some time while still getting across the duo’s attitude with their vivid style. There’s a plethora of lovely women in the video for those who appreciate that sort of thing in their videos, but the editing and presentation of the performers, both musical and otherwise, is thoroughly professional in every way.

The lyrics are racy, for sure, but never overwhelming or pornographic. Think of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” and you’ll have the idea – not a literal comparison, by the way, because Conceptz’s penchant for wordplay far exceeds anything you’ll hear in that hard rock chestnut. “Splash” doesn’t make any bones about what the subject matter here is and the vocals deliver each line with a light leer or smirk that puts over the adult content with an entertaining touch men and women alike can enjoy. The soulful sound of the backing track definitely accentuates the mood, but there’s a hard edge to the song’s forward motion that helps deepen the song’s impression on listeners.

Conceptz’s “Splash” is the next entry in a body of musical work that’s among the best coming from hip hop today. You won’t hear a second of needless filler in this song, it’s all designed to have a rhyme and reason, and their individual and collective talents burn through every minute of the song. They are seven years and counting removed from the year they first formed Conceptz and brothers Highrowglyphfix and Short Fuze sound poised to leave their mark on hip hop for years to come.


by Lloyd Bear

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