Izzy Escobar releases Broken Wings

Izzy Escobar’s “Broken Wings” has been all the rage among indie music fans and journalists lately, and listening to the song, it isn’t hard to hear why. From her gorgeous vocals to her amazing connectivity with the music, Escobar is truly one of the most gifted pop singers to come out of the woodwork in the last half decade. I’ve always been a big sucker for sweet music videos since I was a teenager (aren’t we all?), and although I really liked this single the first time I listened to it, I simply fell in love with it after watching the artfully surreal video that has since been made for it.

In the video, Escobar wanders what appears to be an isolated desert on her own, the wind furiously blowing sand and natural debris all around her. “Broken Wings” tells the story of the mending of a wounded soul and finding strength from within when there is none to be found in our surroundings. The desolation of the desert landscape is symbolic of that feeling of being totally alone with no resources to turn to. After all, it is often when we are at our most alone when we realize how powerful we truly can be.

The dust and sand that attempts to take Escobar down in the tizzy of wind gusts that assault her are relatable to all of the trauma and struggle she’s overcome to get to this place in her life. Once sporting broken wings herself, she’s learned to fly through the music that we listen to and enjoy now, not just in spite of the harsh wind working against her, but because of it. “Broken Wings” is more than a metaphor for healing and overcoming strife; it’s a beautiful, autobiographical anthem written by the only person who could tell the story.

By the end of the video, when it has become obvious that nothing, not the stark severity of her surroundings nor the fierce weather attempting to smother her flame will ever be successful, the swagger in Escobar’s sway is almost as powerful, if not more so, than the words she’s singing. She’s faced everything, and still she stands. She walks away, off into the distant horizon as if to say that she’s finished this complete thought and is ready to put it to bed. It’s almost as if she’s conveying to us that it’s okay to move on – she’s alright now, and we’re going to be to.

I’m never quick to call an artist iconic. It took me a good chunk of time to even get into my favorite band of all time (about six years to be precise). But when I look at a video like “Broken Wings” and analyze it’s themes, subject matter and the mind behind its aesthetic, it’s impossible not to give Izzy Escobar the credit that she deserves as one of THE artists to watch going into the 2020’s. Pop music should consider itself on notice – there’s some new blood in town, and she means business.

ANGHAMI: https://play.anghami.com/song/37985004

by Lucas Hoyle

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