INTERVIEW: Daniel Blume

Hey Daniel, how are you? Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Yoo, I’m Daniel Blume, I’m a music producer, singer and Dj from Ireland, I’m super excited to be releasing my new single ‘Balcony’ and it’s really cool to be doing this interview with you guys at Vents Magazine!

Balcony is an awesome song, congrats! How long were you working on this track before you were happy with it?

Thank you, I’m so glad you like it. Balcony has been a really crazy journey to work on. I wrote the song in a couple of days way back in October when a relationship was on the brink of ending. All the vocals were recorded and I had this really different, eastern sounding vibe in the beat. I left it to breathe for a while as I knew there was something special there but didn’t quite know how to bring out the songs full potential yet. In February I revisited the song together with one of my best friends and co-producer Joris Mur and we totally transformed the production into something much more current sounding that we think really captured what the song was about but still kept the essence of how it originated. It took over half a year but I’m super happy with the result and so excited for the world to hear it!

What age were you when you started producing music?

From the age of six months my mum took me to mother and child group music glasses which helped to spark a passion for music from a very young age. At four years old I began to play the classical guitar and at 8 I was awarded a scholarship from The Rolling Stones to study at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey. Here I began to also study composition where I realised I had even more passion for creating music myself. When I was 14 I heard Martin Garrix’s hit Animals for the first time which opened my eyes to dance music and after discovering that he was only a couple years older than me I a whole world of possibilities opened and I began teaching myself to produce music from videos on youtube.

Do you have any routines when you are producing? Some producers will only work at night or really early in the morning, what are some of the rituals you do to really get the best out of a session?

For me, I really need to have a clear mind whilst working on music, I don’t want to be focusing on other things. I go for a run every morning to clear my head and often I’m even brainstorming lyrics or melodies while I’m out so that when I get back I can go straight into work mode in the studio and feel as creative as possible. I usually start songs at the piano or guitar writing the vocal ideas and then once I’ve got the vibe of the song going I then start to create some drums and sounds that capture the vibe I’m making. Once the essence of the song is there I start bouncing ideas back and forth together with Joris (the other half of the project) which I think works super cool as we both have really great chemistry together in the studio and I think always having multiple opinions on a song leads to the best product. I also love to travel because meeting new people and seeing new places and cultures really inspires me to try new things and new sounds in the studio.

What’s your dream collaboration?

There are so many people from loads of different genres of music that I’d love to collaborate with but my dream collaboration would have to be with The Chainsmokers. Alex and Drew have inspired me so much in my career so far and are the reason that I had the belief in myself to pursue pop music. It’s crazy and I feel really lucky to be in quite regular contact with them, they are such humble guys which I think is almost as important as creating great music. Hopefully we’ll be able to get in the studio together some time in the future as I’m sure we’d be able to create something really awesome!

Are you also a performer? And can fans expect to see you on the road in the near future?

I’m actually a classically trained musician. I began my career in music as a performer from when I was 5 and writing music came much later. I love performing and for me I think there’s no better feeling than playing your own music and seeing a crowds reaction to it. We’ve got so much planned for the Daniel Blume live show and I’m so excited to get on the road really soon and perform all my released and unreleased music for you guys!

Any words for our readers before you take off?

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and I hope you love the new song. I’ve got so much music coming up that I’m really excited about and if you wanna stay up to date on what I’m doing and for loads of previews of new music be sure to follow me on my socials @iamdanielblume Thanks so much to the people at Vents for the interview and I hope to see all of you guys real soon!

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