Nico Molaschi Gets Us “High On Your Love”


What’s pop music without its staple, the unrequited love song? On “High On Your Love,” a new release from Swiss pop singer Nico Molaschi, we are given just what we have been craving from a new pop hit.


The song does two things extremely well: it has an incredibly catchy beat, and the lyrics paint a story so vividly that you relate to the protagonist’s love (or fantasy of it). The single was produced by industry legend Narada Michael Walden, who has worked magic with Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Santana and so forth. The result was a well-produced dance hit with many diverse influences. The production has a happy, commercial sound with something a little extra, which we can credit to Molaschi’s touch. On “High On Your Love,” Molaschi proves that he has matured into a talented songwriter, who puts to paper feelings that we all know too well. Sure to take over the airwaves this summer, get ahead of the crowd and tune into Nico’s breakout single below.

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