Whenever an artist approaches music from an unexpected angle, you end up with a unique and inspired result, and for San Jose California’s own, God Analog, this could not be truer. Their inspired brand of Rock/Pop/Metal is a fusion of addictive sound that has me hitting repeat while turning up the volume on every new playthrough.

Releasing their brand-new lead single Here’s to Eternity All three members of God Analog are on a mission to hit the music scene in a forceful way. With an intentionally cinematic feel, combined with a darkly devious hook-line, Here’s to Eternity checks all the right lead-single boxes by wasting no time by making a long drawn out introduction, an instead just going straight for the jugular.

This highly-creative trio made up of Christian Jaeger on vocals, Adam Days on vocals and keyboards, and the mysterious “X” providing the lead, Rhythm and bass guitars, clearly finds a comfortable space in the dark and the devious, because Here’s to Eternity drips of a political sarcasm.

Here’s to Eternity is an almost haunting pop/punk song at its core. It seamlessly combines a raw in-your-face attitude with a choir-like sensibility to be found in acts like GHOST and Depeche Mode. The production value is spot on, with multiple layers of a chaotically controlled sound and details.

Admittedly, I liked the name God Analog from the start, and I expected, if not hoped, that upon pressing play I would be presented with something truly fresh in the way of song creation; and God Analog did not disappoint.

With gritty, grungy distorted guitars, dark-synths, fat bass lines, and vocals that range from dark and droning to operatic and ethereal, Here’s to Eternity is bound to land on a great many playlists, for a variety of music listeners.

If you enjoy acts like Muse, GHOST, Depeche Mode, and My Chemical Romance, then don’t miss out on God Analog, and their exciting new single Here’s to Eternity.

God Analog can be found on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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