SINGLE REVIEW: One Sided Love by MkX

When you love something, you spend a lot of time taking care of it and paying close attention to its every need, want and desire. When it comes to music, you can tell that MkX is deeply, madly in love with his craft, and it’s abundantly evident in his latest single, “One Sided Love,” for all of us to behold. A lifelong student of his medium, MkX is currently studying at the revered Berklee College of Music, and saying he’s one of the brighter students in his class is putting it mildly. His wit and charismatic approach to the studio is quickly becoming the stuff of legends, and with this newest track garnering so much attention so quickly, where he goes from here could end up having a ripple effect throughout his entire scene.

Opening with a vacuum like synthesized beat that sucks us deep into the vortex of sonic mysticism that MkX has created for us, “One Sided Love” comes strutting through the darkness like a sleekly appointed high fashion model walking the runway. The hypnotic basslines mixed with his divinely melodic vocals create an entrancing cocktail that is almost more powerful than the initial whirlpool that got this track started. In a magical fusion of 1990’s inspired electronica old school soul ala The Four Tops, MkX seems to channel so much harmony amidst so much discord that one is inclined to wonder if he has ever considered a career in politics. If he could bring two warring nations together as well as he has with these clashing tones, the world would definitely be a better place.

It’s not just his earthy appreciation for rhythm and blues in addition to his affections towards a more trip-hoppy styled sound that makes him such a unique artist. It’s also in how well he wears this particular persona and its lavish, crystal clear production that it comes packaged neatly in. It’s no longer a question of financing an album that has a well-polished finish to it, but more of an artist’s determination to make something that’s really well structured and put together. The kind of technology that artists and producers have at their fingertips today for practically next to nothing in terms of out of pocket cost is something that even thebiggest budget studio engineers could have only dreamed of a mere five or ten years ago. MkX demonstrates that he wants it more than the scrubs in his scene through his sound and its quality of presentation, and with the explosion of the internet platform as the primary means for indie acts to get their start, it won’t be hard for him to find his audience and for his audience to find him right back. While some of my fellow arts journalists might view social networking in music as something that is watering down the industry, I couldn’t be more pleased with our current circumstances if only for the fact that at long last truly great talent can be given the chance to reach the big stage in its prime rather than posthumously.




by Kim Muncie

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