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INTERVIEW: From Inside

Hi Bam, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We are currently in amazing place as a band right now, but have had a crazy 6 months. In January we got our final mixes of our latest EP back and filmed 2 music videos for the singles. We also have gone from a 6 piece to a 4 piece and spent about 4 months searching for the right people to work with to get the best coverage for the release as we can. We have also been writing new material that could be our best songs to date.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Before I Leave”?

Before I Leave was the first demo we sat down and finished vocally. I had heard Simon sing along while playing a piano cover of one of our songs Find My Way a few months before and told him he was singing on our next release. When it came to recording vocals, he made everyone leave the room and gradually one by one we all came in while he was getting more confident. The verses sounded amazing and we made the decision that he was going to sing on every song.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

‘Before I Leave’ is one of them songs that we kept open to interpretation. It roughly tells the story of a person who’s trapped in their past and can’t move on until they rid themselves of everything that reminds them of that time, which is something most people face at some point or other.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

Haha, this might be a long one. (That’s what she said)

The church location, the coffin and the performance location all got sorted on the day of recording. It was a blessing that everything turned out so well.

We had planned most of the day out accordingly so we could get everything done as quickly as possible. Originally the plan was to meet at the church for 10am and set up before the extras were coming for 11am. Film a few pick up and reaction shots with us in there and then move on to a warehouse where they had hallways and rooms we could use. The whole band excluding Simon showed up at the church for 11:15 because obviously we were going to be late. Simon had managed to get hold of a coffin but had to travel to Preston for it, which is the reason why he turned up at 1pm… the church was freezing cold because it was the 1st week in January and all of our extras were so patiently waiting for us to shoot. Turns out Simon bought a coffin by accident, thinking he was renting one. Then again, why would you rent a coffin?

So we film a load of pick up shots and then our director decides he thinks us walking down the isle carrying the coffin would work really well for the video.

After all the church scenes were done, we moved on to somewhere we practice in Liverpool to film all the hallway shots. Originally we had him singing the verses walking down the hallway in between entering the rooms. All 5 of us had to carry lighting and cables walking backwards behind the camera to make these scenes work. We recorded so much footage on the day that this unfortunately ended getting cut out.

We then moved on to the warehouse where we filmed our performance shots, we were there from 11pm to 1am. It was a cool huge room full of like 20ft painting on the heaviest wood ever. We spent about a hour moving them all out of shot.

Once we finished filming we were supposed to shoot the “room” scenes but we were so tired it ended up getting done at mine and Booths apartment the night before our 2nd video shoot a week later. Told you it was going to be long.

The single comes off your new EP When I’m Breathing Without You – what’s the story behind the title?

So we’re not very good at choosing serious song titles that aren’t funny quotes from our favourite TV shows. For this record we chose the obvious lyrics from each song and names that song after them. For the EP we know we wanted something to sound good but also to mean something to us. Each member wrote down some of their favourite song lyrics and collectively we chose “When I’m Breathing Without You” which was a line taken from Funeral For A Friend’s song Escape Artists Never Die. I believe it was Booth’s suggestion, but FFAF are the reason I started playing in bands so it was the obvious choice for me.

How was the recording and writing process?

Everything usually starts as an idea that gets recorded at home using Logic Pro, after the rough instrumentals are down we get Simon over to write and track vocals. These demos are then just uploaded into the group chat for us to listen to so we can discuss changes that can be made. There are usually quite a few different versions of each song, which can get confusing, never mind the ridiculous song titles we name them.

As for recording wanted to work with Erik Bickerstaff again as he did a great job with producing our last EP, so we went to his studio and spent a few days with him getting all the instrumentals down. The following week Simon and Nick recorded vocals. At that time we had enquired with several studios, but still didn’t have anyone in mind to mix and master the tracks for us. Erik suggested Myroslav Borys from Jigsaw Audio, so after listening to his portfolio we decided to go with him. The stems got sent over and we left it with him to work his magic. After a couple of back and forth emails and mix samples, Simon, Booth and I went down to Derby and spent a day with him to finalise the mix at his studio.

What role does Liverpool play in your music?

So I’m from Wrexham originally, I’ve been playing in bands with Booth for about 5 years so this is where I have had to travel to for anything band related for a while. Liverpool has been my 2nd home until I recently moved here and now that I’m around the rest of the guys more often we are getting a lot of behind the scenes stuff done more frequently. The city itself is amazing for someone from a town in North Wales and I can’t wait to do all of the touristy stuff haha. I’m sure one of the other guys could have answered this question better than me, I’m pretty sure Booth’s family worked close with The Beatles which I hear were a big deal, so that would have been more interesting to read haha.

What life struggles did you get to explore on this record?

Only the usual struggles of things not getting prepared in time by certain people. The recording process went really smoothly this time around. I think we hit the studio in August last year and got the final mixes back around the November. Actually I just remembered that Simon recorded all but one song but then had a month long holiday booked in September, so we had to wait for him to come back to finish the last song.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, we have a tour booked between the 3rd and 9th of September for the release of WIBWY. We also have a few one off shows before and after then, some aren’t announced yet but we’re super excited for one particularly.

What else is happening next in From Inside’s world?

So at the moment we’re sorting out our new set list for our upcoming shows, we’re going to try and play as much of the new release as we can because there are some songs we have never played to an audience before. As well as that we have been writing new material as a 4 piece since February which are our best songs to date, Simon is becoming more confident as a clean vocalist so we’re trying new and exciting things.

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