Tengger Cavalry Brings “Heart” Back to Music with New Video

After a moment of silence, Mongolian folk-metal stars Tengger Cavalry are back and louder than ever with “Heart,” a dynamic and ambitious new song and video.

The track, which features Chinese nomadic folk musicians alongside American metallers, reunites the cultural project under the banner of their raison d’etre, the power at the heart of their music. “Heart” truly captures this meaning and dedication which has established Tengger Cavalry as a solid brand within the global metal community.

Tengger Cavalry was founded by multi-instrumentalist and frontman Nature Ganganbaigal, who ignited the band’s temporary split due to health reasons. Despite achieving unbelievable world-wide success, the stresses of managing relations between the band and management took a toll on Ganganbaigal, affectionately known as “Nature G.” After reaching out to friends and fans about suicidal ideation, the outpouring of support the musician received reminded him exactly why the artist needed to return to his roots–literally. After packing up and returning to the grasslands of Beijing for much-needed introspection, grounding, and horseback riding therapy, Nature G was ready to rally the troops. Hence, “Heart,” a song and video that reveals Tengger Cavalry to be the authentic, tender, metal band they have always been.


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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZD7K68aaZo]

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