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INTERVIEW: Rome Hero Foxes

-Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been great!! Finally easing out of some of the stressful moments of this release and just taking things as they come. There’s a lot for us to look forward to following the release and after so we’re all just very stoked to be here.

-Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Lost In A Room”?

This is the first track off our record, we’ve been sitting on the song for about  2 years now since I first demo’d it out in late 2016 so I am incredibly relieved that it’s out and in everyone’s ears now! It was also one of the first songs to come about in the beginning of our journey in this new direction that came to be ‘18 Summers’. With its beach driven intro and washed out verses, it’s definitely a perfect piece to kick off the beginning of this unending summer that is lived throughout the album.

-Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Ah, when is it ever not personal for me? I was going through a difficult time in a long distance relationship I was in at the time. Like the song, it was at first very dream-like, happy, only to become more complicated later on. The love began to ask questions of being enough, being the best for this person and lead to answers of silence and ignored attempts of defusing the situation. With distance in the way and no response from your concerns of the argument, it started to become unhealthy, causing this love to feel hopeless and confused or lost in how to handle it. 

-What was it like filming the video for the single?

It was honestly very fun but very stressful and chaotic at times. The actual script and idea of this video had been floating around in conversation for about a year, it wasn’t until early this year we started making moves to put it into production. At first we were set on a film crew and location, both of which fell through about 2 and a half weeks away from our extremely time-sensitive shoot date so we had to find another option real quick. Luckily a long time friend of mine from the scene, Zach Hudson of Cloud Gavin, reached out to me and quite honestly saved our asses. We shot it on May 18th, Adrian had just came back from a semester of college and we had only that day to do the whole thing. Our bassist Emilio’s girlfriend Hannah and her family were more than kind enough to let us use their backyard and stage a pool party for our shoot location last minute. And with one day to get this done, there was just a lot of ground we had to cover in the 6 or so hours we had to make this happen. There were band shots, storyline shots, and synchronized swimmers we hired on to perform in the video, so it was just a lot to stay on top of and manage in a timely fashion. Thankfully, we were able to get it done and I think we’re all pretty happy with how it turned out!

-“Lost In A Room” comes off your new album 18 Summers – what’s the story behind the album title? 

‘18 Summers’ is sort of an exaggerated term used to illustrate an alternate reality where time feels inflated by constant change through love, loss, and growth. A nostalgic tale of everything so far, repeating mistakes, and growing up and moving on from a void-like life of one thing after the other.

-Would you call this a somewhat conceptual record?

I would say it is in some ways, but not entirely. A lot of these songs were written years ago but never finished, so some of the things I wrote back then were still relevant now but in different ways, giving the name more depth to what life has been over what feels like “18 Summers”. It was more of a musical theme we were trying to follow of very upbeat, nostalgic summer inspired tunes.

-How was the recording and writing process?

It’s funny, a lot of these songs were written over the course of the least 5 years. When we came into the scene, we debuted as a group in the post-hardcore side of music but that wasn’t all I knew to write. I had a bunch of different ideas I’d write and shelf for side projects because it didn’t go with what we were putting out back then. Eventually we grew tired of writing that music and being in that scene, so we left our label and kinda just started over as a band. We began writing in the summer of 2016, just me, Adrian, and Michael at our friends beach house after 2 of our members left the band for college. I’ll always remember that week of writing, it was so exciting doing something completely out of sync with what we were known for, it felt like we were all starting fresh again. Once the writing process was finished, we flew out to record in this little resort town in Northern California called ‘Carmel by the Sea,’ which was the most appropriate setting for the music we were bringing with us to put to tracks. Our friend Ben Rosett from Strawberry Girls had a studio out there and he offered to work on this record with us. We flew out there once in february of 2017 and again in august that same year so it took us about a month total to get the whole thing done. The first time it was just Michael, Adrian and I and then in August we had our newest member Andrew Hagan fly out to meet us there to throw down keys and our former bassist Emilio moved back to Houston and was down to rejoin on bass. The last time was the better experience for me personally because we were all able to go back on what we made just us 3 as a full group and even further expand on the material we had to finish.

-What aspect of summer did you get to explore on this record?

I think we explored a lot of our youth and lives growing up over each summer. Our influences were not just coming from things we were listening to recently, but music we all grew up listening to which we used as a guide into this new territory of our sound. 

-Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

At the time I was listening to a lot of different bands that fit this new theme and direction we were heading towards. I reflected a lot on classics like The Beach Boys and Radiohead to help guide me into a middle ground of something obscure and something organic sounding. As for lyrics, a lot of them called back to previous relationships and situations I was experiencing all over again but with a different attitude, more understanding and optimistic of the hurdles I was faced with now. I think some of the songs kinda follow up on my past by this deja vu of heartache, finally being able to accept the change, embrace it, and become stronger from it. 

-Any plans to hit the road?

We definitely plan to hit the road this year, we’re just trying to get some things set up and worked out. We’re currently in between booking agents so once we close in on a new one, we’d love to be on the road non-stop!

-What else is happening next in Rome Hero Foxes’ world?

Everyone is just taking it a day at a time. I recently started working a full time job, Andrew recently moved to Houston from South Carolina to join the band full time, Adrian is finishing up his last year of college, and Michael and Emilio are just working their day jobs. I wish we could be in charge of what’s next for us, but all we can do right now is put out the record and see where we can go from there!

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