Young Rambo Shares his Success in New Music Video for “Big Play”


Young Rambo made it, but he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. In “Big Play,” the first visual from the Cleveland native’s latest work, Rambo celebrates his first taste of rightfully earned success by partying–but also by buying out an ice cream truck for his fam.

Of course, it wasn’t easy getting there. In other songs on the album, the 21-year-old raps about sleeping on his granny’s floor in a house shared with 11 other family members, and other challenges experienced while growing up in Cleveland’s east side. Knowing the pain of struggle only makes the fantasy of leaving it behind even sweeter.

The video opens with a powerful shot of a sunset on the Cleveland skyline, immediately dropping you in Rambo’s world. The rapper’s lyrics are memorable, in particular the shout-out to his teacher from the 6th grade. As Young Rambo flexes his successes, you want to root for the rising star, and hope that he really does achieve his dreams.


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