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Julius Wilson’s Catchy Track “You’re Like” is Summer’s Hit Song

Toronto-based hip-hop artist Julius Wilson has released his club-ready hit “You’re Like” which highlights his smooth vocal pitches. The genre is a mix of electronic, hip-hop and a pop-y beat which gives the song the energy to want to dance to it all night long. This track makes Julius steps ahead of any competition because of incredibly catchy beat and stunning production.


Scott Storch, famous for winning eight Grammy awards, felt it was necessary to produce music with Julius because of his undeniable talent. Scott is best known for his collaborations with Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Beyonce. Scott was confident that Julius would create and unparalleled sound, and that is what they have created with “You’re Like”.


Keep up with Julius on Instagram and stream “You’re Like” below:


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