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The new era of the Internet gaming and gambling has provided players with more products and, often, a chance to enjoy pieces of entertainment free of charge. Monetization has become an integral part of a design and the core of modern technology models.

This new term is probably much easier to understand in comparison to the more traditional way of paying before playing online. In the near past, bettors had to invest without an exception in order to activate features and bonus rounds. However, with the arrival of a monetization system, the whole philosophy of revenue has changed. Putting things simply, today players can enjoy for free with demo versions, trial periods of applications. So, you are asking yourself, where is the monetization here? In this article, we will try to find some answers important to this topic.

Do I Have to Pay Something That is Free?

No. Therefore the monetization of free to play stuff brings a certain percentage of risk. It is on players to decide whether they want to invest some money in order to continue enjoying a particular thing. What companies do is they provide the most appealing content and features for ones that do put their cash in the stake. How to do that? There are several informal ways, and check out some of them:

  • Through the game itself – Offering some special tools, additional options or extra features are some of the great ways to succeed in the monetization of F2P pieces. For instance, a bettor can try out basic slot games4free. He/she can have some free spins giving him an overview of what to expect. But with investing one can activate more bonus round levels. Moreover, online casinos can provide you with deposit offers, meaning you get to have additional coins after placing an initial stake. That is also a sort of monetization.

  • Through the Player – It is a well-known fact that the more you know the player, the more you will get out of the game. So, getting familiar with some of the most essential characteristics of an average bettor is significant. Things that can be used are:

  • Curiosity – The thing is, players get attached to the characters, theme, or the options of a particular product. Therefore, this one can be used to awaken the desire to know what else is coming with the monetizing part;

  • Impatience – This one can help with those models that have levels or ask for special skills. For instance, jump a level, go through a task, etc.;

  • Comfort and Success – Do not forget that the first thing about any online game, even casino one is entertainment. So, if you can monetize fun, you are on the right track. For example, giving hints during the poker hand, or, extra tips during roulette can be useful for players to relax and play even more;

The Social Factor

In the world of online gambling, there is a note of social ambition. Players rank and compete against each other so monetization of video and other games can be used as a weapon to win over others. Collecting individual comps can make you climb up the ladder of the casino VIP Programs or better conversion rate, while live dealer games will make you stand out from the crowd.

One question remains, though – how often monetization should be used in the form of ads and banners with free casino products? Moderation is the key.

The Voice of Non-Spenders

Listen to the players. There are two points to follow:

  • How often would they spend?

  • How much would they spend?

The things that are quite good for the successful monetization of a free game is using the bettor’s data in order to see their preferences and UX overall. A non-spender is quite important, and it will take time to study the piece. It is important that his/her conclusion is positive and worth the wallet. Here are the crucial details with monetization technology in the world of casino models:

The rule is poor monetization usually carries pieces that are too easy to reach. The items are not well paired with the taste of gamblers and, actually, it is too easy and tedious. No one will purchase that;

The Premium version has to offer more. If this variant does not differ a lot from the primary game, the chances are small for a player to monetize and play for real;

It is significant that bettors are convinced that IAP (in-app purchase) will not be lost in case game crashes, and they have to install the thing all over again.

There are many parameters that proper monetization depends on. Time limit offers can make it weak while simple hacks, like extra spins, can make the player want to invest. One thing is certain -the key to a successful monetization is not competing with other games but with the product itself.

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