SINGLE REVIEW: Give Me More by Micah Elloh

For a musician, there is nothing more sacred and paramount than sharing a connection with the audience. It’s difficult to describe, but the closest and most accurate comparison that comes to mind is likening the relationship to that between a mentor and a protégé. Through music, artists express emotions that words on their own simply don’t have the capacity to articulate with any sense of justice; the intimate act of conveying the emotions through the vibrations and rhythms that make up a song is a spiritually transcendent experience that is unlike anything else in this life, or this world for that matter. While he was in college, singer/songwriter Micah Elloh spent a lot of time cultivating the sound and persona that he now considers his signature style, and in that style, maintaining a constant connection with his listeners is the only rule that cannot be broken. Not unlike the late, legendary king of pop Michael Jackson, Elloh weaves his vulnerability and emotional accessibility as a human being directly into his harmonies, and once you symbolically lock eyes with him, there’s no looking away and breaking from the trance. He “gets it,” and that’s the material that legends are made of.

“Give Me More” is the title of Micah Elloh’s new single, and it is quite an anthemic pop number that compliments the carefree catharsis of summer like the pairing of a sophisticated entrée and a fine wine. There’s a lot of R&B swing in his strut, but it is far from overwhelmed by the electronic fusion of beats and synthesized vocals, which are creatively layered on top of each other rather than juxtaposed on the left and right. This makes for a unique perspective when listening to the song unfold, almost giving an extra crunch to the chorus that really turns up the heat halfway through the track. When I broke it down even more, I found that not only can we not tell where one verse ends and another begins thanks to this sleek production quality, there’s a hypnotic sway that instantly captures our attention without even getting boisterous about it at the very start of the song. In short, Elloh didn’t just break off a quick pop jingle; he spent some time actually forging a really provocative piece of music.

Real artists never take the easy way when it comes to making their art, and Micah Elloh definitely avoided exploiting any sort of shortcuts in his most recent effort. You’ve got to respect his work ethic, although it would probably leave most of us pretty exhausted if we had to put it into practice ourselves. But that’s what makes him different, and perhaps it’s what gives him such a star quality. He might be a new face in the scene, but if he keeps making music that’s as stimulating and evocatively arranged as “Give Me More,” he’s certainly in for a very long career ahead of him, to which I think we as fans will all find benefit from.


by Blaine Calhoun

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