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PREMIERE: Lord & Lady Release New Music Video For “The Lift”

Disco ruled the 1970’s. Heavy metal had a renaissance in the 80’s. Alternative music broke into the mainstream in the 90’s and reshaped radio. By the 2000’s hip-hop was the undisputed king of the charts, solid gold. As unpredictable as the future trends of music fans’ collective taste will be, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that no matter who is controlling the industry, love songs will still be the best selling tracks in the game. There is no need for discussion: since the dawn of time, love songs and emotionally charged balladry meant to capture the interest and affections of another person have always been the most consistently present type of music in all corners of our world. Because just like our need to breath air or eat nutritious foods to sustain life, our desire to find love, to have it and to never lose it is what keeps us alive. It’s the essence of our existence on this planet, to find one another and to share in this stupendous experience together. In a lot of ways, as much as love songs are written to celebrate two lovers deeply connected to each other on a romantic level, it’s also a great demonstration of the passion and love that can exist between an artist and their medium.

There is perhaps no more an endearing and unbreakable relationship than that between a musician and their craft. In the case of California’s Lord & Lady, that love has never been stronger nor more binding than it is in their new single “The Lift,” which as its title implies, is a god sent sonnet to propel us skyward and into the divine fog of Lord & Lady’s sonic experimentation. Written and performed by the magnificently well matched Rachel Panchal and Scott Oatley, this single isn’t just a love song in the classic sense of the term. It isn’t about two people who are necessarily soulmates or are even going to share anything more significant than a brief moment of primeval happiness. It’s about the spark that is love at first sight, and just that spark alone. The most fetching thing about these lyrics is that fact that they don’t try and placate us with a lot of generic, much repeated thematic elements like reflection or regret, but they just embrace the curious triumph of a singular moment in time. In a society that does a lot of overthinking and stressing over the big picture, there isn’t enough appreciation for these little sparks of light that seem to brighten up the darkest of days.

Whatever your personal taste may be, and whether you’ve got someone to hold close tonight or are riding solo on your own for the better, I really do recommend you check out Lord & Lady to get a glimpse of the stellar new pop music they’re turning out these days, and keep a close eye out for their new extended play No Ghost, due to be out later this year.



by Michael Morrison

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