SINGLE REVIEW: Losing Me by Lauria

When an artist goes out on a limb and tries something new, they get one of two reaction. Either we, the press and the listeners together, are scornful of their decision to be different, or we instantly give them the admiration that we give to any forerunner of a revolutionary idea. Lately I’ve felt like the music media has been a little too quick to reward artists with praise for doing things that aren’t that different from what everyone else has and are currently doing in music right now. Truthfully we haven’t had anything really groundbreaking in a pretty long time now, and we’re more than past due for something fresh and inspired to celebrate. Lauria’s debut single “Losing Me” is a song that is just beginning to get exposure outside of the Canadian music media lately, and it’s likely due to her increased presence on American college radio, which has taken to her acerbic yet vulnerable lyricism with a fervor I haven’t seen since Aloe Blacc’s debut a little while back. If you haven’t heard “Losing Me” yet, it’s only a matter of time before you do.

The dancefloor is a lot like a holy ground for our modern western society. It’s a place where we come to express feelings and passions that are so intimate and so close to the nature of our very being that we only cut loose and expel it from our bodies in the darkness of night, with the nameless faces and vibrant rhythms playing crucial parts in this ancient, timeless ceremony. It’s emotional, spiritual and violently sexual all at the same time. Making the soundtrack for this ritual is a no joke, and as much as people like to think that club music is one of the simpler, more predictably structured genres of music to record, it takes an artist with immense focus to be able to turn out a song that ignites a crowd the way good dance tracks were meant to. Lauria’s “Losing Me” probably wasn’t designed with nightclubs being its primary target and inevitable destination, but it certainly doesn’t have a hard time finding a home for itself on any intellectually relevant DJ’s playlist. The pulsating beats that synthetically harmonize with Lauria’s voice make for an ambient drone that one could easily get lost in, and the big grooves the song has to offer make it more than danceable.

You can tell that Lauria has been working towards this moment her entire life. This isn’t just a professional turning point for her, but a very personal one as well. When someone gives there all in something, no matter what it is, the proof is in the resulting product. “Losing Me” is a firm, excellently constructed and produced single that I can whole heartedly endorse with an indie stamp of approval. Certified organic and packed with tons of evidence that we’ve got a lot more promising content to look forward to, this could easily be my very favorite new artist of the year.


by Michael Morrison

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