10 Simple Ways to Save Money on Entertainment (and Have Fun)

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statics, spending on entertainment makes 5.6% percent of one’s whole income. That’s $2,827 annually. This money could be easily spent on more important things like tuition. However, people cannot operate well if they don’t go out and have fun once in a while.

Some people have been using the easy personal loans in order to cover the monthly bills and expenses and afford a nice rest. The others would rather cut down on some expenses and be frugal to save up some money. Whatever path you choose, there are ways to save money on entertainment and still be able to have fun. Here are the most effective 10 of them.

  1. Negotiate On Lower Prices

If you can’t do without high-speed internet and cable at home, at least make sure you have the most of services for a good price. Perhaps change providers to score the best deals. A current provider may also offer you a lower price on services in order not to lose a client.

  1. Cut the Cable

Simply cutting the cable will save you $100 a month. Surely, Netflix and Amazon are enjoyable, but they don’t bring a lot of fulfillment into your life. In case, you can’t do without cable and you have two standing subscriptions, choose the more expensive one to cut down.

  1. Split the Cost of Membership

Those companies that allow shared membership can offer a way for you and your close ones to save money. You could share membership costs on services from Amazon, Kindle, Costco and alike with a friend and both be having the same range of services for a better price.

  1. Buy in Bulk

This approach applies to both shopping for food and shopping for better entertainment offers. You could find a discount on movie tickets, membership cards, eatery places and various gift cards if you buy for many people. Costco and Sam’s Club provide plenty of those options.

  1. Look For Free Events

If you check up in the Net, there is a plethora of events to attend for free. There are concerts in the park, street fairs, and free-entry days hosted by museums and zoos monthly. Next time when you look for a place to eat, choose one that hosts a live comedy show or an open microphone night.

  1. Use Your State

Students are the ones to harvest the most discounts on entertainment. However, other groups of people, e.g. the military, can use their benefits. Usually, if you’re a member of an organization like AAA you could enjoy special deals on movie tickets or restaurant prices.

  1. Buy Used Gadgets

Most means of entertainment are brought by digital devices.  Instead of splurging for the latest one, buy a used device that works perfectly well. The same goes for books and entertainment supply, like roller-skates.

  1. Collect Cash-Back

Many credit card companies are offering cash-back these days. There are several options of how one could collect it. Buying at definite partner stores or on special days will help you get the most cash-back. Some online stores offer cash-back for buying with them.

  1. Remember the Old Days

Games that you have enjoyed in your childhood are still fun. Many of them have been upgraded and become even more exciting to play. Hosting board game night while playing the old Twister or Charades can turn out to be more enjoyable than a movie.

  1. Explore New Ways of Entertainment

In order to expand their clientele, many businesses have been inviting people on cuisine and liquor tours. The activity implies both entertainment and free meals. Enjoy the tour, discover new tastes and get free samples in the end.

Allow yourself a day at a luxury hotel. It’s much cheaper than you think. Try the “intra-day stay” at a luxury hotel which offers guests a room and all the hotel’s facilities for a day and night with 70% discount.

Whatever your financial goal is, it’s not that difficult to cut down on entertainment expenses. Just be positive about the changes and open to new options.

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