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CD REVIEW: Meant 2 Be by The Happy Curmudgeons

A band’s name can come from different places. There are times where all it’s just random, a group of people just got together and throw in a name and it sticks. However, there are times where the name captures the essence of the band as a whole. Just like any other artistic project or work of fiction, the title gives you an idea, a sneak peek into what you will expect moving forward. Case in point, The Happy Curmudgeons it’s paradoxical in a silly and satirical way, but it also captures the essence of the band as a whole. You can definitely expect some joy in your tunes, but also a carefree spirit within each of the artists that comprise the band and that gets translate it very well into the music.

Meant 2 Be isn’t as modern as the two in a numerical form in the title may give the impression of, instead the album goes for a much classical approach, so to speak. The tone of the entire album hints a distinctive group of bands and artists that goes all the way from Beck (Soulsville) to The Clash (Bar Hoppin). It captures the wild spirit of the 60s and 70s, especially the diverse Rock scene of that period. The large number of studio musicians that jump into this band helps adding new layers to the album and making it eclectic with each song sounding different.

While as mentioned earlier, the album knows how to drive itself between different waters which helps a lot bringing a wider audience, towards the end it does starts to feeling a bit too familiar and while saying it slow down (“Butterfly” will go against that statement) would be incorrect, it does gets a bit tiresome. Maybe in a less busy day, on a different mood the whole album will click better (?)


Criteria - 80%


Total Score

In the end, Meant 2 Be by The Happy Curmudgeons is a fun ride filled with one or two memorable songs, not the enough to justify eleven tracks though. Maybe open their musical minds much wider and going for other broader and different styles of Rock may help them achieving their goal (I assume) of becoming the ultimate American band.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 1 votes)

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