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Nothing short of nostalgic feels with Anarbor’s new track “MIA”

Anarbor just released their much- anticipated single “MIA” and it’s exactly what we wanted. They have stayed loyal to their roots from the start and continue to showcase pop-punk, infusing with indie-pop and alt-pop, which caters to the fans who have been around from the beginning as well as hitting a chord with the newer generations.  

MIA” talks about life on the road, and being away from your loved ones, as well as all the troubles that come with it, we feel connected to the band when we hear them talk about the emotional path they are travelling down. On top of the meaningful lyrics, the beat is catchy and brings back nostalgic memories of our favorite childhood boybands.

As of now Anarbor is on tour around the United States until July, so check out if they’re in your area to catch a show, if not, follow them on Instagram and listen to “MIA” below.





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