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Leading Stuntwoman Mimi Lesseos Inspires Others to Break The Chains: Reach For The Heavens

Acclaimed stuntwoman Mimi Lesseos will release her inspirational memoir, Break the Chains: Reach for the Heavens nationwide on July 31. This true story illustrates the dramatic, exciting, and outstanding life events an individual has had to face. In this daring nonfiction, the author tells how she reached her goal not only as a fighter but as an actor, a stuntwoman, a producer and even as a single mother. Her life is a shining example of courage and strength, of pushing the limits to create her own destiny, while her faith and self-belief are an inspiration to all who know and love her. A devoted mother of twins, loving friend, savvy businesswoman, her legacy continues today as she strives to encourage women to pursue their dreams. This book is a spiritual ride of colors and blessings to your heart when reading it. Mimi’s memoir tells all the highs and lows of the film and fight business plus her personal stories of courage and hope in a world where it’s hard to find. She broke the chain and reached for the Heavens in this tell-all book. 

VENTS: What first inspired you to become such a bad ass athlete and stuntwoman?  

MIMI: What first inspired me to become such a badass athlete and stuntwoman was my upbringing my family was in the largest Mexican gang in Los Angeles called 18th Street , I was the baby of five children and I felt that I had to live up to being tough and fearless, I suppose somewhere deep down inside I felt the fire to be the best at my sport and anything that I touched in my career I wanted to defeat and conquer that included the fight game and being one of Hollywood’s top stuntwoman, I felt that being the best at what I loved and being a total ultimate badass was right up my alley, I wasn’t following the tracks of how I was raised but I had the no fear Instinct and that helped with conquering my dreams.

VENTS: To date, what is the most challenging stunt you’ve done on-screen?

MIMI: The most challenging stunt I’ve done on screen, was either of the two stunts, they were both for a reality shows one was a show called rsq911 and the other show was called what would you do. I was reenacting the accident that had happened. One of the shows rescue 9-1-1 I had to travel to Seattle how to crash a car at 70 miles an hour straight into the tree but first I had to spin out on black ice and then hit the tree one time because there was only one take for that shot, it was a success and we got the shot but my heart was in my throat. II challenging stunt was on a show called what should you do it was reenacting a accident that happened on Castaic Lake, in in California a girl had crashed into the rocks on her Sea-Doo at 65 miles an hour so I had to reenact that scene, and again my heart was in my throat as we did that crash several times at top speed. The most fulfilling stunt I’ve done on screen was probably working on Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood, on my way with Martin Scorsese on Gangs of New York both films I was either knocked out or was killed. In Million Dollar Baby I was knocked out by a legendary boxer Lucia rijker and working with Clint Eastwood was a dream come true as in Gangs of New York working with Daniel Day-Lewis and him asking me in the face killing me in the dead rabbit scene was amazing I got up after my death scene and thanked him but working with Martin Scorsese was also a dream come true.

VENTS: What does the title of your new book, Break the Chains mean?

MIMI: What does the title of the book mean break the chain reach for the heavens, I was raised in a very Dysfunctional Family and if I did not break the chain of that dysfunction I would have ended up not being the Magnificent made me who I am and the loving caring mother that I have become and they’re badass fighter that continues to inspire people by my actions instead of my words. I broke the chain of my family line being dysfunctional and I reached for the heavens, without breaking the chain I would have continued down the same road I believe everybody should break the chain of a dysfunctional relationship or family and go down their own Road reach for the heavens and God will speak back to lead you down the right path.

VENTS: How was the film industry evolved — for the betterment of women — since you first began working?

MIMI: The film industry has evolved for the better of women since I first began, women have so many more starring rolls that are substantial and not just the sidekick they can carry a film , Studios and producers are believing that woman can carry  the box office numbers. Many women nowadays are taken seriously with really great roles that were created for men are turned over to women instead of just the sexy bombshell. With the #me-too movement it has really created a power for women in quite a big way, we seem to be heard and listened to now and back in the day it was not that way.

VENTS: What’s in-store next for you?

MIMI: What’s in store for me me next, well for me next is finding the right distribution for America Superwoman next action diva, one that is the right fit for good programming, also I would like to do speaking engagements to empower women also my goal is to produce good programming for television and film, I’m a different stage in my life so my goals have changed in my twenties and thirties I focus on making a name for myself and building the personal financial bank, now my focus is on inspiration and motivation through this book and my new brand, Mimi Lesseos.

To order via Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Break-Chain-Heavens-Mimi-Lesseos-ebook/dp/B07DMJ1LMG

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