Some Super-Effective Tips for Getting Lots of Likes on Instagram

If you wish to get noticed, there are certain fundamental rules to follow on all social media platforms including Instagram. You need to post on a regular basis, interact with users actively, and include a fascinating description along with high-quality images that would easily grab users’ attention. There are, however, some Instagram-specific ways for ensuring that you end up getting more followers, gaining more likes, and emerge as an Instagram winner.

Here are a few super-effective techniques that have been tried and tested and recommended by experts to get noticed, recognized, and ultimately getting tons of likes and building a robust online presence.

Use High-Quality High-Resolution Photos

This may seem pretty obvious, but there are many users on Instagram that do not share top quality pictures on the platform. Instagram is chiefly a visual platform and you must share high-resolution pictures to draw maximum attention and gain more likes. You may not require an expensive DSLR to create amazing pictures. You could simply ensure that everything is very much in focus and the lighting is just right. You could click some mind-blowing pictures by using advanced smartphones such as the newer iPhone or even the Galaxy.  Awesome clicks are certainly more aesthetically pleasing so, naturally, they gain more likes.

Consider Using Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are surely the first critical thing to consider when you are thinking in terms of getting more likes on Instagram for your photos. You must focus on the subject matter as it becomes easier for Instagrammers taking pictures on the same subject to easily find you. However, hash-tagging on Instagram may not be limited only to the subject matter. You could definitely consider tagging your pictures depending on the processing or photography style and your photos could be tagged with those apps that you have used for processing your photo, or even the Instagram filter you have used depending on your location and certainly the popular Instagram hashtags used by regulars such as #photooftheday, #instagood, and more. Keep track of all the top Instagram hashtags that are used regularly by other users.

As it could be a little tedious to add hashtags in your posts on your cell phone, you have the freedom to post your picture from your cell phone and then use specifically Instagram’s web-based interface for copying and pasting hashtags effectively from any saved document, or any draft present in your email. You must judiciously use popular hashtags to get both Instagram and Facebook Likes.

Participate in Community Activities

There are a host of Instagram-oriented activities that take place on the mobile social networking sites. There are many forums and online communities that have an immense following and have thousands of followers. These forums often operate in coordination with a network of professional editors who work daily to highlight all Instagram images. You could participate in any of the reputed communities or forums by following them and determining their daily theme, and the precise hashtags to use for submitting your visuals. There are many reputed communities worth taking part in such as Ink361, Streetphoto_bw, Insta_pick_bw, and contestgram and many such communities.

Adopt the Policy of Give and Take

Like a community or social network, Instagram is very much about engagement. This platform predominantly is about engagement and the process of give and take involved. The more time and effort you devote to somebody’s pictures and posts on Instagram, they would increasingly do the very same for you.

Liking others’ pictures is certainly a wonderful way of attracting customer attention and things could become even better if you leave thoughtful comments. When you consistently like pictures that are shared by people outside your typical circle of friends or your personal network, you would automatically be gaining more likes and followers too. You must keep in mind that it is not about liking pictures randomly. It is of great value if you intentionally engage with people who are actually interested in the similar kinds of photography, have somewhat common interests, and shooting very much in the city same as yours. You could gain genuine engagement much beyond a faceless or an anonymous like.

Be More Creative & Innovative With Your Photo-Editing

You must not restrict yourself exclusively to the various Instagram filters only. They are certainly amazing but you must explore the vast plethora of Android & iOS apps too for mobile photography enthusiasts. You must consider trying out amazing photo-editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and others to make your pictures stand out from the rest. You need to identify the right app that works best for you and stick to a particular niche or style to get more noticed and for building a robust following.

Get Featured

By making it onto Instagram’s featured list you could bump up your follower count by several thousand in a single day. That said, getting there is an inexact science because Instagram has chosen not to reveal how these posts or users are added to their list. On being added, though, you enjoy the exposure for an entire week.

Run Contests

You can drive engagement up several notches by running “like to win” contests because it is a very simple task and can entice any user who comes along to engage with you. All you have to do is upload a post and ask people to like it to enroll in the contest. This will boost your dwindling engagement numbers for sure, but if you want even better results, you should upgrade to a “like and tag” type contest where the user not only likes the post but also tag someone they know in the comments and they will keep this chain running, thus boosting engagement two ways and also ensuring results.


Goodwill goes a long way. Social experiments run by popular influencers show that liking random pictures from users you do not follow can actually get you several likes and follows back, and this is a sustained observation, meaning it is something you could dedicate some time to on a daily or weekly basis and see results time after time. It’s a great idea to look through the popular feeds and look up some hashtags that you think will have entertaining or useful content and then engage with those posts. The dividends will be worth it.

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