Ryan Chernin drops LP

New York based Singer/Songwriter, Ryan Chernin, dropped his debut full-length release and it’s full of tracks that smoke equally as much as the three video singles released earlier in 2018. “You Know Who You Are,” is the title of 12 track album with producer John Eugenio, mixer Chris Davies, and SNL guitarist Jared Scharff making it all it can be, along with appearances from Evelyn Horan and Bekon to also round it out. The album comes with a mixture of styles that blend together instead of standing apart as the wildly different tracks they are, and that’s just some of the magic to be found within.

“Accessories” get’s the album up and running with a bluntly honest song that defies categorization by what is not an average Singer/Songwriter by any stretch of the imagination to begin with. This song is well selected as the opener to lead the album off, but there’s several choices for singles, three of which have already been released. This gives Chernin a chance to be heard straight out of the gate before the accessibility continues, which every song checks out on one level or another. It’s just always important to come out with everything you’ve got, and that is where this track edges the others for its position.

The lyrics on You Know Who You Are, tend to vary between lighter and darker subject matter which calls for some harsh words here and there but they also ad to the honesty of the recording. “The Song Song” apart from the former is one example where some of that happens, but it’s called for by the artist as a mature way of expressing himself on such tracks as this one which weighs in evenly with the rest. But it’s on “Look Right” where things start to lighten up and get more bubbly on a cool and very original track that just kicks in every way to show another side to Chernin’s songwriting and vocal delivery.

“Face Time” is another uniquely original track, so it goes very well with the prior groove and comes out just as good, if not, even better if you prefer a more melodic sounding song. It makes way for the extraordinary “Ballad Of Bo (The Stormchaser)” which stirs things up with a mighty good slow song change the tempo before things get yet even more interesting. “Dangerous Game(feat. Evelyn Horan” is where the album starts to pick up with the vocals of Horan doing the business on of the album’s best songs, so far. The whole mood starts to swing in different directions on this catchy track with all the bells and whistles.

The amount of variety displayed is astounding for an album that is mixed with so many styles, but they’re seamlessly blended by Chernin’s excellent choice of people to work with. “Ash Tray Kisses” can be searched up for the video which helps understand this great track, another of the album’s best. And another spotlight track appears in-the midst of it all on “Quasi,” with some very tasty guitar work by Jered Scharff, getting his big moment on the album. There’s also a track featuring both guest singers on “Sweetie” which might be the last but certainly not the least great track on offer.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JtOKYdJWh0

by Jeff Turner

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