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Challenges For Modern Entrepreneurs & What To Do About Them

Opportunity is a funny thing. Where on the one hand, it can make sustainable wealth more acquirable than ever, and with a lower level of work than some more traditional methods, on the other hand, it takes real work to fully capitalize on. When an opportunity is encountered, it requires those who want to use it to seize it.

If you don’t “seize the day”, as the saying goes, it slips out of your fingers like some slippery seaweed souffle.

One of the greatest challenges you’re going to face as an entrepreneur will involve understanding which opportunities make the most sense to throw yourself at, and which ones should only be courted.

Additionally, there are ways to spread yourself out between varying opportunities; but you need to be careful here. As an entrepreneur, your first task is to establish a fount of regular income.

From there you can branch off into varying small opportunities. Millionaires often have multiple streams of income which mature over time, and this is the key.

Continuing Forward Technological Innovation

One place where there are a lot of different opportunities today is in the technology sector. Innovations come about with predictable regularity hearkening back to Gordon Moore’s 1965 observation.

There are quite a few technological solutions out there you can put to use in ways which will reduce your operational costs substantially, and open you up to further opportunities over time.

For example, consider cloud computing. With cloud computing solutions, you have the ability to serve clientele and process data at the same level as larger businesses with greater resources.

You can “surrogate” an interior server array with the cloud, allowing for round-the-clock service provision even with only a handful of employees.

Additionally, cloud computing provides a number of applications which can be used to reduce staffing needs. What if you could totally outsource the cost of a payroll employee through adroit usage of online timekeeping apps and previously prepared Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates?

Here are some example excel time sheets; using templates like these can really reduce operational difficulties—especially since Excel can be hard to operate without such templates.

Excel isn’t exactly all it’s cracked up to be when you’re trying to devise an efficient system for keeping time.

Making The Right Partnerships

Something else that will challenge the burgeoning entrepreneur is partnerships. Sometimes you have to get involved with organizations you don’t quite trust.

Thankfully, there are mechanisms in place today which can help you more securely vet those with whom your new operation conducts business.

When it comes to partners, clients, or organizations deigning to be legal authorities, you can find information on any corporation at SecStates.com.


The last challenge an entrepreneur is going to face is perseverance. With all hard work comes profit, period. That profit may be knowledge rather than money, but knowledge is actually more valuable than money. You can’t get money without knowledge.

You can get knowledge without money—just remain soberly conscious. Accordingly, this reality makes knowledge more valuable, even though it has an abstract quality to it.

So even if your first few entrepreneurial efforts do not provide you the monetary profit you had expected, you will definitely learn something should you really give it your all.

That which you learn is more valuable than that which you could potentially have earned. In a phrase: learning trumps earning! So persevere and remember the lessons life teaches. Working with an entrepreneurial mentor can also save you a lot of time.

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