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Apartment Living Trends to Expect

The past year was very eventful for most apartment dwellers. Are you looking for rentals in New York? If yes, then you need to know the latest trends in apartment living.

Co-living or Modular and Movable

Although apartment sizes are shrinking according to consumer needs, the expectations for amenities will remain the same. Movable and modular apartment designs are making it possible to have full living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms in just 20 sqm. However, as you already know, modular designs are expensive and it is not clear whether the benefits outweigh the complexity.

This means that the co-living model will start looking more appealing as it offers simple sleeping areas that have access to communal spaces through co-living and co-working areas. Moreover, you can now get more use from your outdoor spaces by using heating elements in them during the colder months. This blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Tech or no-tech

Technology is already being introduced into many apartments. As we head into the future, you should expect there to be automated controls for ovens and bathtubs as well as monitoring for heating.

Technology will also make it possible to customize décor, which means that residents can choose digital pictures as sample backlash. However, you should note that a digital invasion in all aspects of our lives might lead to some décor.

Green Living

In the future, environmental pressures might increase in response to consumer demand. This will make environmentally friendly materials more accessible to the general population. As it is, there are carpets that can convert carbon to oxygen.

Waste and food packaging is reduced through on-site food production and grocery sharing. It is possible to produce energy in a kinetic manner by using smart windows. In some areas, consumer expectations might need to be challenged: for example, people will start to question whether air conditioning is necessary in the northern hemisphere.

Sleep Tech

By the year 2020, the solutions for insomnia are predicted to be a multi-billion-dollar industry. Dream machines will start monitoring sleeping patterns then using lighting and sound waves to enhance the quality of sleep. You will be able to use smart beds to regulate the temperature of your body and digital butlers will be sending reminders for exercise and sleep.

Before you get carried away by this line of thought, you should remember the basics of a good night’s sleep: ambient lighting, a comfy bed, and great acoustics. However, you should note that lighting and sounds from tech might disturb sleep. So perhaps consumers will opt for a tech blackout.

Focus on Security in Gated Communities

Let us face it; crime is on the increase all over the world. If you are looking for an apartment like financial district apartments for rent, you should expect top-notch security. The days when security was left in the hands of a few security guards are in the past, because this only provides reactive security.

If you want to live in a gated community, you should accept that preventive security is the best type of security. This will lead to an increase in the app demand for security gate management.

Focus on Neighbors and Community

In the past, neighbors were all people needed for a happy community life. If you had a problem, you could just walk to your neighbor’s house for a solution. Community living is bringing this aspect of living together back. When you choose to live in a community, you will have new friends who will help you with your problems.

Although the trends in apartment living are always changing, you should expect to see the above trends in the near future.

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