Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Wolfbang: Everything is going well. We made a better start than we expected. Being here with you is also very exciting.

OTP: Yes, we are happy and excited. Wicked Notes finally came out. We see the reactions and are pleased.

You have many collaborations together. First of all, how did you two meet?

Wolfbang: We met at a house party that my manager gave. I have been interested in electronic music since I was a little kid. About three years ago, Toprak introduced me to the producers and that stimulated the excitement inside me. After that, we decided that we should walk this way together.

OTP: It’s hard to find someone who can do business together, especially harder in the city I live in. I observed that Deniz was talented and involved, and at the same time, he was trustworthy. As he said, we decided to work together after we met.

How did this partnership make a difference on the outcome?

OTP: There is a harmony between me and Deniz that completes each other. Having different styles than each other made it possible for us to create unique pieces that were blended with different sounds. Our work addresses different type of genres of music, as a result of that, we can attract the atentions of many type of listeners.

Wolfbang: I think both of us have gained a great experience working together. But the most important thing is that this got me a new brother. Together we quickly began to climb to our targets.

Can you tell us about the back story of your latest single “Wicked Notes”?

Wolfbang: Wicked Notes was a different project for us. I love working with stringed instruments. While I was listening some classics, was brainstorming for some new ideas. I got inspired by some of them and that lead me to a melody that pleased me. But it had to be strong and different, so I shared it with Toprak.

OTP: I was  impressed with the melody for the first time I heard and listened it repeatedly in order to be able to fully master it. I slowly made my own contribution to the piece. Then we worked together to finalize it with Deniz. At the end of a month we perfectly created a piece that made us both happy.

What were the inspirations and influences in all this process?

OTP: We are in the music industry. We search for the fresh every day, we work hard every day. We follow actual day by day. Sometimes we do not leave the studio for weeks. Inspiration is actually something that is inherent in the human being.  Something you call inspiration is either like a flash of lightning, or sometimes it is just tons of work. Trust yourself.

Wolfbang: Greatest source of inspiration in our career is the confidence and our bond with each other. We have never thought giving up and we always look tomorrow with hope.

How did you get to balance the different genres together in your record?

Wolfbang: I think that the orchestral elements give a very different perspective on electronic music and that they have expanded the limits of the music even more for audiences. So I mentioned this to Toprak and we started our project after he approved.

What’s in the future of OTP and Wolfbang? Are we expecting another work from you two in the future?

OTP: I have been doing music professionally since 2016 and already gone a long way. But of course music is a concept that never ends. We are constantly experiencing different excitements. We can not predict the future. But of course, we both look forward to working together again. Nowadays I’m focused on my solo work. I often find myself in the studio.

Wolfbang: We have done great work with Toprak and continue to work with the excitement of the first day. I now concentrate on solo work and continue to stage in the venues. That makes me happy to see people dancing. I try to follow fresh pieces up-to-date, add all talented artists to my playlists. Also have some works for a few festivals.

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